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Role Models Essay

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Role Models Did you ever wonder what a role model should be to their fans? Any person can be a role model to someone in anyway. Why are there role models, everyone says just be yourself. People need someone to look up to sometimes. A lot of kids don't have any one to look up to. A lot of kids if they have no one, just look up to there favorite sports star or a fatherly figure(Good Sports 3). For example, Michael Jordan is loved and respected by many. Role models have been around since the beginning of time.Role models inspire young kids to do some amazing things. Most kids have a role model when they are younger. They try to do everything their role model does. Have you ever seen athletes on ...view middle of the document...

Girls just had a hard time finding role models when there weren't women's professional sports. There are a lot of female singers that girls want to be like. There are commercials that say it's okay to be tough it is important for girls to get involved in sports. Playing sports helps girls gain self confidence. According to the (University Wire1) girls and women who participate in sports are less likely to become pregnant at young ages. The Women's National Basketball Association has started have brought and shed some light on other women's sports. There are many professional women's sports popping up today. Today there are many female athletes that little girls can look up to and be like there role model.There is such a thing as a bad role model. Role Models who commit violence on the court are poor role models to the millions that look up to them (Analysis 1). Any role model who is respected then is caught doing something wrong for example drugs, there whole career will turn around and kids will be saying I don't want to be like him anymore. What does it teach kids when there favorite role model turns out they were doing drugs. On television there is a commercial that has a role model saying be like me drug free. Then on the news the role model is in trouble for using drugs. How are kids going to fell about there favorite role model.Athletes especially need to be careful of what they do in their private time (Sinners or Saints 1), because there are children looking up to them. An example is a basketball player named Isiah Rider. When he first came to the N.B.A. he was loved by many and hated by few. Kids loved him and wanted to be just like him. Then he is suspended from the N.B.A. for no reason. Then everyone found out he was caught doing drugs and after that it changed his career. Kids no longer looked up to him and he wasn't respected by his fellow teammates. A lot of Olympic athletes have been kicked out of the Olympics because they were doing drugs or steroids.When your in the Olympics you are representing your country and the people in that country. A lot of the athletes that get caught go home in shame with there head down and never can erase what they have done. For others drugs may have cost them there dream and all the years they have...

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