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Role: Environmentalist Audience: Businessman Topic: Equal Rights For Mother Nature

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Role: Environmentalist Audience: Businessman
Topic: Equal rights for Mother Nature

Environmentalist would like make efforts that contribute toward environmental goals and organize that further environmental efforts toward conservation of natural resources. An environmentalist working at a large corporation might make efforts to promote environmental efforts that also ensuring greater likelihood of acceptance of such ideas, while someone working with an environmental organization might distribute informative fliers or protest the destruction of a natural park or body of water. An environmentalist is typically someone who works professionally in a way that furthers the various goals of environmental preservation and conservation. Someone with these attitudes and goals could simply recycle materials he or she uses, reduce the amount of energy or water he or she consumes, and reuse various household objects rather than disposing of them. While these would all help promote ...view middle of the document...

Reducing consists of decreasing ones consumption and spending as much as possible. In today’s economic situation, this seems to be a natural fit. People are already reducing their spending and consumption in order to prepare for the tough times ahead. Typical examples are reducing purchases of goods and services, or purchasing similar products that are less expensive. Another technique is to produce some goods or services oneself, which allows reduced spending. A practical example is growing food in a garden and using that food to reduce one’s grocery bill. A simple and concise measure of success of reducing is how much less money a person or family spends from this year to next. Reusing focuses on the repeated use of goods and services that are already in existence. This includes purchasing used items, such as clothing, furniture, automobiles, homes, and practically everything. In also means sharing with others: family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, church and club members, and even strangers. Again, reusing items helps to decrease spending, and this decrease in spending is the measure of success. Recycling is the last option. If the use of a product isn’t avoided, and if it is impossible to reuse (which includes selling, donating or giving away) then at the bare minimum sending it to be recycled is an option. One consideration when acquiring a product in the first place should always be the likelihood that it will remain in long use, be able to be reused, and if the time comes, to be completely recycled. The final goal for those who seek to save Earth is to help renew it. The most visible example of this is planting trees and allowing plants to grow, rather than cutting or killing them. An important consideration here is choosing native plants and trees. Plants help to build native habitat and have the natural capacity to absorb pollutants, most importantly carbon dioxide pollution. Saving Earth begins with us. Sane environmentalists recognize that money system of our global culture inherently encourages damage to Earth; and that a new money system which does just the opposite needs to be devised and adopted. Until this new system is in place, they seek to minimize their use of money; work to renew and restore Earth; and gently invite, encourage, and support others to join in this mission to save Earth.

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