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The number of management can range from one person in a small organization to hundreds or thousands of managers in multinational companies. No organization whether developed or developing, small or large, can neither exist as we know it nor improve without a steady management structure.

An organization can generally be defined as any social group which distributes tasks for a collective goal. However for an organization to be able to achieve the set goals through proper management, it requires competent managers who know both their roles and the important function that management play towards achieving the set goals. A manager is a person responsible for the work performance of group members. There are 3 levels of management as highlighted below and these levels vary according the responsibilities of the employees:

• Top-Level Management: It is the highest level and all employees aspire to reach this level. It comprised of few people mostly executives who give the organization its general direction towards achieving its goals. They are responsible for making critical decisions since they possess a lot of experience.

• Middle-level management: this stage comprises of managers who are neither executives nor first-level supervisors, but who serve as a link between the two groups. They conduct most of coordination functions and share information with both upper and lower levels. They also help the organization in undertaking profitable ventures through finding creative strategies.

• First-level Management: this level is made up of supervisors who have been promoted from production or clerical positions into supervisory positions. Majority have low level of education which is technical-centred. Majority of employees are found in this level. Supervisors help shape the attitudes of new employees toward the firm. Newcomers who like and respect their first level manager tend to stay with the firm longer.

Different levels of managers will play different roles to a different extent. For instance, a front line (junior) supervisor will likely be a resource allocator and a disturbance handler to far greater extent than they will act as a figurehead. A chief executive likely will act as a spokesperson and perhaps an entrepreneur more than they will act as a monitor (Quinn, 2010: p12)


A role, in the business context, is an expected set of activities or behaviours originating from a job. Essentially, the role of managers is to guide the organizations toward goal accomplishment. All organizations exist for certain purposes or goals, and managers are responsible for combining and using organizational resources to ensure that their organizations achieve their purposes. According to Dublin in his book Essentials of Management (2000) states that roles and functions are closely related (they are both activities carried out by managers). Borrowing from Mintzberg work on roles of managers, he highpoints that...

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