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Roi So Essay

1927 words - 8 pages

Measuring Value from Social Media
Steve Latham
Spur Digital
January 2008

Industry Trends
Digital media landscape
Why Social Media
Barriers to Online Investment
ROI analysis
Case study


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Industry Trends
Global online ad spend > $80 billion by 2011(1)
$42 billion to be spent in U.S.
Online = 11.4% of U.S. ad budget (up from 6.6% in 2006)

2007 online video ad spending to exceed $650mm(2)
$1.7 billion by 2009
Video ads will be 8% of Internet ad spend (2.3% today)

Media fragmentation is proliferating
In 1966 5 mediums dominated
In 1986 there were 12
In 2006, 30+ mediums were defined

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Social Media Has Gone Mainstream
Internet Usage Increasingly Favors Social Media

Watch Internet (streaming video)
Buy or sell products from other consumers
Read a blog
Comment or forward online ad to someone
Submit a rating or review of a product or service.
Use social networking sites
Publish a blog or personal journal


Upload video you created to Internet
% reflects all online users

Source: Forrester’s NACTAS Q3 2006 Media & Marketing Online Survey


Social networking revenue

Social Networking is here to stay:
• 34% watching video
• 31% buying and selling online
• 26% submitting a rating
• 7% uploading a video



*Source: August 2006


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Trust in Peers Trumps All Other Sources
Online Consumers Turn to Friends or Acquaintances for Information
Opinion of friend or acquaintance using
product or service


Review in newspaper, in a magazine, or on TV


Information on the manufacturer’s Web site


A review by a known expert


Consumer reviews on a retailer’s site


Consumer reviews by users of a content site


Information at online consumer opinion sites


Online reviews by editors of content sites
Information in chat rooms discussion boards
An online review by a blogger


Source: Forrester’s NACTAS Q3 2006 Media & Marketing Online Survey. *

© 2007 Spur Digital LP. All rights reserved.

User Generated Video is Exploding
User Generated Video
• User-Generated Video made up
47% of the total online video
market in the US in 2006
• By 2010, 55% of all online video
content will be user-generated (44
billion video streams)
• Video sharing campaigns being
utilized to engage customers
Screen Digest January 15, 2007


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Users want to be
• Engaged
• Educated
• Entertained

So What’s the Problem???
If Social Media is so great, why aren’t more brands
and agencies using it?

(beyond the issue of inappropriate content)


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Barriers to Online Investment
2007 McKinsey study of 410 marketing execs found
the primary barriers to online investment were:
52% insufficient metrics to measure impact
41% Insufficient in-house capabilities
33% Difficulty of convincing upper management
24% Limited reach of digital tools
18% insufficient capabilities at agency

2 of the top 3 relate to ROI measurement
Convincing upper management (Business Case)

…which is why we are here today!

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