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Rogers Communications Inc Essay

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Business Description
Rogers Communications Inc. is a diversified Canadian communications and media company engaged in the telecom and media businesses. Rogers Communications Inc. is engaged in four primary lines of business through its four principal operating segments: Rogers Wireless, Rogers Cable, Rogers Business Solutions and Rogers Media. Rogers Wireless is Canada’s largest wireless voice and data communications services provider and the country’s only national carrier operating on the combined world standard GSM/HSPA+/LTE technology platforms. Rogers Cable is a leading Canadian cable services provider, offering cable television, high-speed Internet access, and telephony products, and ...view middle of the document...

* Fixed-line services still dominate in some areas given difficulty of rollout.
* Changes in foreign ownership rules may lead to faster growth among smaller players
* Subscribers are increasingly using VAS, providing opportunities for operators to expand their services and generate higher revenue from new sources. LTE will help drive this.
* Network and infrastructure sharing agreements could see coverage expanded to new regions of Canada, enabling more subscribers to acquire mobile services.
* The auction of spectrum in 2012 will give scope for smaller operators to step up their role in the mobile market.
* Some of the new mobile operators are focusing on low-cost prepaid services in order to gain traction; this may lead to a price war, with ARPUs likely to be the obvious casualties

Fixed-Line SWOT Analysis
* Competition in the fixed-line market is fierce, with presence of traditional operators and cable operators.
* Broadband growth remains robust and is the fastest-growing area of the market.
* Cable operators capturing many of the lost subscriptions reported by fixed-line operators.
* High interest in triple-play services has expanded competition in this arena.
* Fixed-line market continues to decline with young subscribers more likely to choose wireless options over wireline.
* Large number of operators means market is somewhat fragmented.
* Limits of mobile coverage in many areas means that fixed-line services remain important.
* Faster services will encourage greater spending from subscribers, although this will not drive up net additions.
* Bundled services have successfully encouraged retention of fixed-line services.
* New rules surrounding usage-based billing for internet service providers may increase confusion and expense.
* The rise of mobile broadband will impact on demand for fixed broadband.

The following companies are the major competitors of Rogers Communications, Inc.
BCE Inc.
Shaw Communications Inc.
Globalive Wireless Management Corporation
Quebecor Media, Inc.
Public Mobile Canada, Inc.
DAVE Wireless, Inc.
Bragg Communications, Inc.
TELUS Communications Company
Vonage Holdings Corp.
Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated

Products and Services
* Wireless products and services via Rogers Wireless, Fido and chatr
* Mobile Internet access
* Mobile video
* Application downloading
* Video calling
* Mobile social media
* Text messaging
* E-mail
* Machine-to-machine wireless applications
* Programming of high-definition television (“HDTV”)
* On-demand programming, including movies
* Television series and events
* Personal video recorders (“PVRs”)
* Time-shifted programming
* Digital specialty, multicultural and sports programming
* Internet services
* Rogers...

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