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Rocky Gagnon, General Contractor Essay

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Rocky Gagnon, General Contractor

Rocky Gagnon is 50 years old carpenter who wants to make some changes for the way he earns his money. Due to his health condition especially his back, instead of working hard physically, he wants to work with his mind by creating an effective house-building team which includes various type of construction workers. Gagnon wants to continue his life as a general contractor, but as a general contractor he encounters some problems of building a team; therefore he has hired a well-known and respected business professor from the local community to serve as an adviser and mediator.
Most of the problems he faces are due to a lack of cohesiveness and cooperation between the contractors which create big problems to form an effective work team. Rocky ...view middle of the document...

An effective team and leadership will reduce the problems of the work team.
Rocky Gagnon should also know how to build a team. A team has a small number of people with good skills who are committed to a same purpose, set of performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. Work teams, project and development teams, parallel teams, management teams, transnational teams and virtual teams are the example of team types. It appears that work team is needed in this case which teams make or do things such as manufacture, assemble, sell, or provide service. In order to have an effective management of a construction projects first of all the complex nature of the construction team should be understood. Engineers, architects, builders, and workers should work together with a good coordination to success the project. Rocky Gagnon’s team should have all different trades together such as electrical, mechanical, plumbing, landscaping, concrete, painting and other specialty trades in order to achieve a good result in his success.
Additionally, in order for Rocky Gagnon to reach a success, he needs to motive others to corporate and function as one team with his leadership. As Le Iacocca said “Management is nothing more than motivating other people.” He must decide on the best leadership style that brings a good result to his team. He should select transformational leadership style since he wants to change the way workers conduct their business everyday by putting together as team for one goal. He should lead the team with a clear vision; have a reward program and performance measurement system. Team should be trained and well managed to make individuals work together in success.

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