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Rocktenn Microsoft Key Account Essay

1764 words - 8 pages

Ted Benedict

Executive Summary of RockTenn/Microsoft Key Account Merger

RockTenn Alliance is the leading point of purchase display’s company in the United States. We offer top quality displays far and beyond better than our competition. One of our biggest strengths is our quality and graphics on the displays we create which is what will be a big game plan in getting an initial business transaction with Microsoft Corporation. The displays industry is an extremely competitive field and sadly it is also on the decline. More companies are focusing on internet and commercial advertising rather than physical displays in stores. This is an important aspect into developing a ...view middle of the document...

When you look at their marketing campaign is it also the number one campaign in the country. Skype is another extremely valuable tool for Microsoft with over 280 million users and it is still growing. Microsoft’s strong reputation leads to all of these strengths. Microsoft’s office application controls 97% of the market share for home office computer tools.
Looking at every powerful business one can find many positives but also some weaknesses. Microsoft is no different and has its share of weak points starting with the mobile devices for Microsoft, Windows Phone. The Windows smartphone is far below what Microsoft expected when it released its mobile device. The market is controlled by Apple’s iOS software and Android’s software, the Windows phone coming no where near the success these other services have become. Microsoft’s Bing is also a weakness. Bing is the number two search engine on the internet and Microsoft has put over 10 billion dollars into it. This only leads to results of less than half Google’s revenues making the gap between Google and Bing bigger than anyone would expect with all the money Microsoft put towards the search engine. Microsoft also has a negative perception in the business world. Many view them as becoming a monopoly if there were not laws to regulate this. It’s just not a good image to have in the mind of the public.
Microsoft like any company has plenty of opportunities. Its tablet, the Surface 2.0 is in the works and whiles the original Surface was no match for Apple’s iPad, it is expected a Surface 2.0 would give Apple a run for market tablet dominance. Window’s new operating system Window’s 8 has been extremely successful so far and is only growing. It may not be as good as Apple’s software so far but steady improvements and growth could also compete with Mac’s operating systems.
Microsoft has some threats Apple being one of its biggest. If Apple snaps out of its post Steve Jobs complacency and fight back with everything it has, Microsoft could be in an innovation war that it might not be able to win. Also if Google declares war on Microsoft it won’t be a war of innovation like Apple would be but a war of attrition.
Moving onto the sales development strategies starting with supplying Microsoft with an initial product and service followed by increasing the amount of first product and service revenue, then moving on to increasing the range of products sold to Microsoft, and finally ending with increasing a mutual relationship profitability gaining an ever stronger relationship. To start off we need contact with the Microsoft headquarters in Washington to meet with the head decision makers. How we can do this is attempting to using networking tools. Being the US’s largest displays company we have plenty of connections, some potentially giving us an “in” with Microsoft executives. Once inside we need to develop a strong plan. To begin, targeting the gaming sector is my key plan to everything. Getting...

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