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Rock Vs. Rap Essay

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Today’s kids, teenager boys and girls alike, are easily hooked with what’s in vogue. Especially when it comes to music, nobody wants to be left out. Well, almost nobody. There are those types that don’t care much for what is in, as long as they “feel” the music , and provides for them entertainment, or a way to relax from having too much stress. So the questions arise - does listening to eardrum-exploding music make you relax or make you popular; and for rap, is it really enjoyable to listen to such unnerving mantra-like recitation? personally, I don’t have the slightest idea why I like listening to certain kinds of music. Maybe, if I like the beat or the tune or just the intro of the music, ...view middle of the document...

For the rap category, it’s obviously a different thing. Well, it’s also music but for some they don’t acknowledge rap as music. Because for them, it’s basically just noise. But in my own terms, rap is a kind of music in which the artist speaks lyrically, in rhyme and verse, generally to an instrumental or synthesized beat. For example, Ridin’ Solo by Jason Derulo is a song about moving on after breaking up with the person they love instead of sulking in a corner and made it a valid reason for enjoying the most of him or her. Most rap song contains lyrics which are often, incomprehensible and full of foul words. It has a similarity with the gothic rock. But gothic rock only gives off an occult aura compared to rap who gives off foul messages. Well, rock songs also use those foul words but unlike rap, they only use them once or twice. Also, rap music often contains messages about sex, and how it acts like an ecstasy, being wasted, being under some kind of drugs or show rebellion to your parents. And the settings of these songs are often in pubs, disco bars, and such while dancing with half naked girls.

As I was getting hooked with making this essay, and while doing some research for some cause and effect, I also came up with some reason or cause for teenagers getting hooked with the like of music, basing on personal experiences. Teens these days, including me of course, get bored easily just being alone at home and the only music you have in your MP3...

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