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Rock Climbing Essay

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Rock-climbing involves working alone or in a group with the aim to ascend and descend a steep object usually in the form of a natural rock face or an artificial rock-climbing wall.
This activity is usually carried out by participants within a group who are aided with specialist equipment such as a carabiner, a harness, ropes, a belay and a helmet to ensure the maximum amount of safety possible. Participants who attempt rock-climbing for the first time are usually taught the correct way to rock-climb by a fully qualified rock-climbing instructor who is responsible for the safety of that participant and ensuring that the participants know all the correct procedures whilst climbing. This sort of ...view middle of the document...

This type of activity is seen to have a wide range of different types of participants due to its easy accessibility. Rock-climbing can be performed by anyone of any age depending on their physical ability to do so, regardless of if they want to participant just for a bit of fun or if they want to participate in competitions. This sport appeals to a wide spectrum of people compared to other sports, and this can be proven by the ability of disabled people to participate in this sport. Some climbing centres have the design which gives people with disabilities the opportunity to take part in rock-climbing to the same extend that people without disabilities do. To be able to give this experience the rock-climbing centre changes the severity of the activity and increases the level of support given to the participant.
There are several different types of providers of rock-climbing including public climbing centres which allow people of all abilities to climb; these centres usually provide climbing lessons to anyone regardless of ability provide climbing lessons. Private climbing centres are similar to public climbing centres in the way that they allow people to climb regardless of ability; however they may only allow certain people to do so. For example the centre may have a club/institution where only those within it can climb at that centre.
Participants of rock-climb carryout this adventurous sport for many different reasons. Some may choose it for socialising with friends, some may choose it just for exercise and some may choose it to take part competitively and take part in rock-climbing competitions.

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