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Robotic Surgery To Stay Or Not To Stay

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Robotic Surgery To Stay Or Not Too Stay

The use of surgical robots has increased greatly and is continuing to grow. Although these robots are already being used they have advantages as well as disadvantages. Surgical robots are only going to improve the outcomes for the patients, surgeons, and hospitals and will keep improving as time goes on, overcoming the disadvantages that are seen today. Many different types of robots are being used to carry out surgical procedures such as the Endowrist, AESOP, Zeus, PROBOT, ROBODOC, SOCRATES and the da Vinci being the most popular. Also there are many specific types of surgical procedures that are being carried out robotically such as ...view middle of the document...

”(6) The Endowrist instrument is attached to the da Vinci and “moves in multiple directions, offering the operator 7 degrees of freedom, grater articulation, and dexterity.” (6) AESOP Automated Endoscopic System for Optimal Positioning is “a robotic arm controlled by the surgeon voice commands to manipulate an endoscopic camera.” (11) “The da Vinci and Zeus systems are similar in their capabilities but different in their approaches to robotic surgery,” (11) and are both mostly used for laparoscopic surgeries. “In the Zeus system, the surgeon is seated comfortably upright with the video monitor and instrument handles positioned ergonomically to maximize dexterity and allow complete visualization of the OR environment.” (11) PROBOT is a robot “designed specifically for transurethral resection of the prostate.” (11) ROBODOC is commonly “used to precisely core out the femur in hip replacement surgery.” (11) Another robot device being used is SOCRATES which “allows surgeons at remote sites to connect to an operating room and share video and audio, to use a telestrator to highlight anatomy, and to control the AESOP endoscopic camera.” (11) “The number and types of surgeries being performed with robots is increasing rapidly as more institutions acquire these systems.” (11) Specific surgeries that are being conquered successfully are cardiac, urologic, gynecologic, gastrointestinal, thoracic, orthopedics, and pediatric. This shows that the surgical robot is completely capable of doing many procedures and with time and updating of equipment and technology, more complicated surgeries will also be assisted by surgical robots.
Surgical robots come with great history. “In 1917 and 1921, the Capek brothers wrote science fiction works describing automated beings and coined the term robot.” (9) “Robot, taken from the Czech robota, meaning forced labor, has evolved in meaning from dumb machines that perform menial, repetitive tasks to the highly intelligent anthropomorphic robot popular culture.” (11) “The impetus to develop robotic surgery platforms evolved from the need to improve the precision of surgical techniques.” (7) “Robotic surgery was first conceived as a way to facilitate surgery performed on military personnel injured in the field. The intent was to enable surgeons to operate remotely, reducing the risk to the surgeon and increasing the speed of delivery of potentially lifesaving treatment to the patient.” (6) Robotic surgery over the years has significantly improved and is made to operate more effectively.
There are many different surgical procedures being done robotically and can help provide evidence as to whether or not the robots are a true success. The first field to really benefit from the robot technology is Urology “driven by the amount of suturing required in many urologic procedures combined with urologist’s comfort with minimally invasive procedures.” (7) “ This comfort, developed first in the realm of endourology...

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