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Robotic Surgery Essay

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Robotic Surgery
DeVry University

Robotic Surgery
My first source has a lot of key information about how robotic surgery first started. This source also provides lot of information about the developed and implemented of robotic surgery. Robotic surgery has improved over the years and still need improvements and the source provides information about what areas still need to be improved in order to expand robotic surgery in every hospital. My second source provides information on what hospitals have to do in advance in order to have robotic surgery system installed. Robotic surgery system also needs to approve by the state and local health departs before the system can be installed. This source also provides average cost of installing a robotic surgery system. Every system costs different depending on what type of ...view middle of the document...

The fourth source talks about maintenance that has to be done on the robotic equipment in order to be able to operate the equipment safely. Every year the state health department will perform a safety inspection on the equipment and if there is no record of maintenance being performed on the equipment the hospital will be fined. This sources also talks about the different types of maintenance that has to performed on the equipment and also who has to perform the maintenance, there is certain maintenance items that can be performed by the hospital and all other maintenance activity has to be done by a third party vendor for safety reasons. My last sources talks about liability that doctors have when they use robotic surgery equipment. Regular liability insurances do not cover the use of robotic surgery. Doctors have to show that they have completed formal training from the manufacture of the robotic surgery equipment in order to receive liability insurance.
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