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Robo Cop And A Criminology Theory Essay

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IntroductionCrime has always fascinated people, when younger people see a superhero, they mainly see a human with superpowers and usually seen as fighting evil and crime and usually saves the day from the bad guys. A superhero can be in a comic strip to a cartoon to even on television and movies. There are male superheros such as Batman to the Phantom to even Superman are the main superheros, where as female superheros can be considered to be Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and even Superwoman.For my report, the superhero I have chosen is RoboCop. In my report I am going to cover the history of RoboCop, RoboCop functions, why RoboCop was created and where it fits in the classical theory.History of ...view middle of the document...

The visor can record what people are saying and replay them once they are recorded.Why was RoboCop createdDetriot social conditions are worseing. Drug abuse is growing rapidly and unemployment is at a all time high which creates street crime. The Detroit Police Department is understaffed and connot handle the increasing crime rate. Two large companies, MegaCorp and Omni Consumer Products (OCP) takes over the Detroit Police Department due to the financial ruin of the city. OCP creates a superhuman to combat the increase of crime. This superhero is created by a dead police officer who was killed while apprehending a gang. OCP uses his corpse and add wires so he looks like a robot. OCP names this robot as RoboCop.When RoboCop is finished and put out in the field and uses methods which is considered as police brutality in real life. RoboCop's methods worked because the crime rates halts and RoboCop was a instant success.The Criminology TheoryClassical TheoryClassical theory sought to promote the rights as equal and rational. The free will, coupled with a rational system of laws that deters individuals from offending. Punishment will be meted out without reference to whom the offender is, in a manner that ensures the pain of punishment outweighes the gain from offence. (White & Haines p.g...

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