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Robert Frost, through the use of simple narratives, is able to reflect deeper meanings and give us an understanding about ourselves and life. He explores themes such as the human condition, death, choices and consequences we make in our journey in life. Frost portrays these ideas in the poems, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, Out Out, and Mending Wall. In these poems frost uses everyday language to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

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Robert Frost uses the natural world in a symbolic way to explore ideas that are significant in life. He uses nature as a symbol in a way that every one can understand. The big ideas in The Road Not Taken and Stopping by Woods on A Snowy Evening allow the reader to reflect on their own lives, the choices the make and the consequences resulting from those choices, the journey of life and death.
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Frost also uses repetition in ‘somewhere ages and ages hence’ to show that in the future when he looks back on the decisions he made, he will realise just how important that decision was. Frost symbolises aging and time for change in the quote ‘yellow wood.’ The quote is a symbol for autumn, a time when flora dies. He has to choose one path or stay in the yellow wood and rot like the plants. He uses the natural landscape in a symbolic way to show the journey of life.

In the poem ‘stopping by woods on a snowy evening’ it shows that this person has an obligation to keep his promise. The ‘darkest evening of the year’ symbolises that it is the coldest darkest night of the year but the will not stop because he has promises to keep. In life he realises that he must stick to his promises no matter what the situation and fulfil his obligations…. (technique…) He continues to use natural imagery and symbolism to represent difficult choices in life.
Frost gets us to understand these difficult choices and this can be seen when he says ‘ he will not see me stopping her to watch his wood fill up with snow.’ Here he uses visual imagery so we get a picture in our mind about the landscape and how difficult his journey is. ‘the darkest evening of the year’ emphasises the cold and emptiness of his location and position.
Frost uses a natural setting to show an emotional landscape. This is shown in the line ‘the woods are lovely, dark and deep., where he uses natural imagery. Frost explores obligations through symbolism in ‘stopping by woods on a snowy evening.’
Robert Frost explores the choices and resulting consequences we make in life in the poem, ‘The road Not Taken. ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ uses the natural world to symbolise obligations. Frost uses simple symbolic imagery to help the reader better understand the complex ideas he portrays in throughout his poems. It is this simplicity that makes his poems so powerful and resinate with us.

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