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Road Project Essay

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There has been much focus over the past decade about television programs and their influence and frequent consumption by the teenage population. Many professionals in the field of Psychology as well as media analysts and concerned members of the public, locally and internationally have raised many arguments concerning the threats that television programming poses to society. Many professionals have even gone as far as conducting research projects and even laboratory tests to link crimes to the violence and aggression that is portrayed via television broadcasts. This seems to be a cause of major concern to individuals and governments internationally because of the upsurge in ...view middle of the document...

Statement of the Problem
The issue of television programming and its impact on the youths in society is very important. Almost the entire Trinidadian population has access to television programming. Therefore the problems (cultural erasure and crime) that are related to television programming will directly affect our society. Recent advancements in technology have allowed for even greater access to broadcasts via the internet and many other mediums rather than just the television set. Thus possibly increasing the extent to which such threats can affect our society.
This study will investigate the impact of television programs on teenagers in the village of La- Brea. It will seek out data from the respondents such as their familiarity with the different types of television programs, their viewership tendencies and the ways in which these programs influence teenagers.

Glossary of Terms
Modern popular culture- the normal way of life in recent times including beliefs and customs that follow along a collection of themes or ideas which are well liked at that time and create the prevailing culture.
Broadcast- A programme sent out on the radio or on the television.

Media Analyst- A person whose job it is to interpret information that is conveyed through the newspapers, radio and television.

Purpose of Research/ Educational Value

This study that is being conducted in the community of La-Brea will prove to be valuable to researches being conducted on media programming in Trinidad and Tobago. Television programs nowadays play a very important role in social development and interaction and thus this study will provide a good source of information and contribute to Modern, Cultural and Social Studies.
Apart from these the study will also provide teachers and parents with essential information that will aid them when making decisions concerning teenagers’ consumption or viewership of television programs. The information as well as the recommendations concerning the television programs and their impact on teenagers derived from this study would serve to benefit the society by gaining a greater understanding of knowing how to approach teenagers in order to curb any possible negative conduct or attitudes that they may adopt, only if it is taken into consideration.

Research Objectives
1) Identify the teenage population in the La- Brea and their programming preferences.
2) Outline how these programmes influences teenagers’ actions and beliefs in La- Brea.
3) Examine the implications of teenagers’ responses to television influence on society.
4) Provide insight on ways in which negative impacts on society can be curbed as well as the positive impacts it provides.

Literature Review

Over the past three decades, there have been increasing numbers of research being conducted on the issue of Media...

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