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The foundation of nursing is molded by ethics and values. Nurses provide nursing care for the sick and

suffering. Nurses are highly efficient in planning; implementing and evaluating the nursing care for the

patient. They are efficient in decision-making and have adequate technical skills. Nurses provide

compassionate care for the patient and families during the time of treatment. Nurses are very cautious

while assessing their patient to assure that they get the accurate treatment, and to avoid unwanted

treatment leading to suffering. Nurses provide safe environment for the patient, family and protect

the patient privacy. Nurses must advance the knowledge of ...view middle of the document...

Define values, morals, and ethics in the context of your obligation to nursing practice. Explain how your

personal values, philosophy, and worldview may conflict with your obligation to practice, creating an

ethical dilemma.

The code of ethics was developed as a moral provision for the nurses to provide nursing care in

a way consistent with quality in nursing care and obligations of nursing profession. Code of ethics is not

only for the professional role but also it help in their personal roles. In nursing care clients

are the focal point. The role of a nurse is to provide professional and compassionate care of the client.

As a individual I am against abortion and unnecessary medication but as a nurse I have to obey with

ethics and help the surgeon rather than absolutely rejecting to provide and incapacitating the ethical

dilemma (Dinh,2012). Ethics and qualities are highlighted as an obligation of ethical esteem of nurses

as well as the clients. Code of ethics has helped me to provide high quality of nursing care for my

patients irrespective of their socio economic status. It has helped me to balance the personal and

professional values and gave me a completeness of personality. To provide high quality of nursing care

nurses must be able to identify the dignity of self as well as that of patients. Nurses with compassion and

cultural knowledge are able to provide high quality of nursing care for people, community and nation


Reflect and share your own personal thoughts regarding the morals and ethical dilemmas you may face

in the health care field. How do your personal views affect your behavior and your decision making?

The values and ethics have served as the standard for nurses. Understanding of these ethical

concepts helps to solve the issues and dilemmas that arise in the work place. The nurses must be able to

connect their cultural beliefs and ideas with well organized perceptive to identify, relieve and counteract

their individual ethical concern. Ethical and moral values pilot me to handle a client with kindness and

self-respect. It pilots me to implement my responsibilities regarding the client as well as to myself, continue self regard, reliability, security, capability and development (The American Nurses

Association, 2010). It helps me to identify positive feelings about myself, and conveying completeness

in my personality. At times there are dilemmas where we are helpless to perform morally correct

method, but the code of ethics and moral values will lead us in a accurate way and maintain reliability

(Paynton,2009). Some times certain conditions where others moral values overrule the nurses

responsibilities to client. In this situation ethical knowledge and critical thinking will help the nurse to


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