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Rite Aid Store #6108 And The Leadership Of Jeffery Pidlypchak

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Rite Aid Store #6108 and the Leadership of Jeffery Pidlypchak

C200 Managing Organizations and Leading People

September 10th, 2014
Rite Aid Store #6108 and the Leadership of Jeffery Pidlypchak
Rite Aid Corporation is one of the leading pharmacy chains in America. The company operates approximately 4600 stores in 31 states, with a dominate presence on the east coast, and holds a status of being the nation’s third largest pharmacy retail chain (Our Story, n.d.). Store number 6108, located in Truckee, California is one of 25 stores in the district located in the Sierra Nevada’s and Sacramento area. The Truckee Rite Aid is the second highest grossing store in the district and has ...view middle of the document...

All three primary leadership practices are connected and dependent on one another. To effectively run the store Jeff must plan monthly, weekly, and daily tasks and objectives. The store manager must then prioritize these objectives and tasks and communicate daily goals as well as a long term vision of the main objectives and accomplishments for the store. Once daily goals have been determined Mr. Pidlypchak determines which tasks he must do and assigns other tasks to the appropriate associate to complete. The ability to complete daily tasks and meet long term goals is highly dependent upon having the right associates available to perform them. In a small town with limited recruitment tactics it can be challenging to find employees, namely suitable employees, that are both motivated to work and available during key hours to provide customer service and complete tasks. Jeff’s primary role in this process is hiring employees, and developing them to promote when needed to fill higher level positions such as supervisor and assistant manager roles.
Store Manager’s Effect on Organizational Culture
Jeff Pidlypchak became the store manager of Rite Aid number 6108 approximately 4 years ago. His leadership style was a drastic change from the previous store manager. Jeff had different priorities, different long-term goals for the store, and a very different approach in managing employees to achieve these goals. During his management the turnover rate of associates has increased. Albeit, the increase in turnover rate was partially caused by the introduction of an Asset Protection Agent to the store which caused further associate terminations after dishonesty was discovered during investigations. Associate morale has always been a challenge within this store, but it has decreased at certain times during Jeff’s management. This is largely due to an inappropriate communication style in certain situations, often referred to as bullying by many associates, and unrealistic expectations of what associates can get accomplished within certain time periods while also being responsible for customer service and tendering sales. Jeff has a great ability to motivate a team of associates during certain key processes, such as stocking the shelves on load day. Mr. Pidlypchak can also communicate the company’s stated visions when change is occurring that will benefit the store’s production and the associates’ workload. However, while certain portions of the company’s vision are communicated Jeff often fails to point out benefits of change to associates. Implementing larger corporate mandated changes is often a tumultuous process at this store because the store manager fails to communicate, train, or include associates in during certain parts of the changing process. This leads to a further decrease in morale. As store manager, Jeff has a larger view of the store, and often does not pay attention to minor details. While this does hinder some processes on a small level,...

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