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Risk Review Plan For Macville Pty

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Manage Risk


Risk review plan for MacVille PTY LTD
Task 1

Janith Damboragama

MacVille business plan FY 2011/12
Description about the company

MacVille cafes serve competitively priced, high-quality coffee and gourmet food in a safe and comfortable café-style environment. Our friendly, well-trained staffs provide superior customer service.

MacVille aims to deliver our valued customers the very best café-going experience. In three years, the business will have established a presence across the Queensland and NSW, with the opening of additional cafes.

• Customer-focus
• Safety
• Teamwork
• Performance excellence

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The CEO for MacVille’s cafes in Queensland is Paula Kinski. However, MacVille café provides high quality coffee, gourmet food in a safe and comfortable café-style environment and competitively priced. Well-trained staff provides superior customer service and maintain the quality of the product as well as the services to the customers.

- Risk in relation to functions

o Human resource management: Hurley café is employed some of the family members. James appointed as operational supervisor and Mr.Hurley as the manager in the café.

o Financial operations: In Toowoomba Café, the same staff member who completed the cash register balancing also completed the bank deposit form and drop the money to the bank.
Banking is not done every day and most of the time cash kept on the premises.
There were no records for taking money from the cash register by family staff members. The wages and superannuation records seem to be incomplete with many calculations.
There was a 50% of chance of breaking the shop and risk of money robbery.

o Work health and safety: Does not establish process for dealing with injuries that occurred at workplace.
There are no written policy and procedures manual. Manager showed the employees how to do things the way he wanted them done.
There is no information in regards to employee’s entire past health issues.

o Supply chain: The two-hour delivery would make fresh pastry deliveries from the company’s central bakery plant impractical. The pastries would arrive after the morning rush.
Getting the company branded supplies through as quickly as a CBD Brisbane store could.
o Compliance issues: Running the dishwasher when only half full. Toilets all used the single flush system and shop waste water a lot.

The fit-out in parts looked old and unattractive, with some chairs unstable and broken and some parts of the worn carpet was simply taped over with gaffer tape.

Lack of sales promotion techniques occur due to less staff interested in the activities.

Could not be able to provide innovative and popular range of rice wraps for longer terms.

o Local governance: Concern about to make written policy and manual procedures in the workplace.

o Technology issues: The computer with all the stores employee details and financial records was not password protected
Do not have any WIFI inside the café.


- Discuss managing the risks involve with the operation of the Toowoomba Store
Lack of internal controls, specially cash handling, monitoring and recording:
The same staff member that completed the cash register balancing also completed the bank deposit form and do the banking as well.
However, banking was not done every day and most of the time $4000 was keeps on the premises overnight in the cash register, which causes safety. Hurley’s bank is a couple of blocks away from the shop and there was not enough time to do the banking every day.
Apart from that wage and superannuation...

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