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Risk/Quality Management Essay

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Gigi Rowe
September 23, 2013
Tammy Czarnecki

Risk/Quality Management
There are different organizations that can be chosen to study the relationship between both risk and quality management. Risk management and quality management can be applied anywhere in the health care system. Risk management and quality management go hand in hand and have a complementary relationship. This relationship can be applied to the pharmacy organization. The pharmacy organization is the organization that definitely uses all that risk and quality management can offer.
Pharmacy is the organization that was chosen using background knowledge and new information. ...view middle of the document...

Second after patient safety is staff safety in a risk management program. Both are important in health care in general and can be compared to having the same importance in pharmacy. Risk management in pharmacies is a big issue with the habit of some individuals abusing prescription drugs for their own personal goals. To protect against this, other measures with security have been added through a risk management program that protects them from malicious claims and a bad reputation. But when not concerned about those that abuse drugs, those that actually need their medication need to be handled with care so that the prescription is filled and helps them.
Quality management for health care means that providing high-performance care to patients through services. Quality management is shown through the training staff received, support for staff members, and constant improvements in the workforce. Quality management in pharmacies most normally means that personnel have to know the alternative names for prescription drugs. Not only knowing the alternative names is enough, possible adverse side effects are a problem as well when helping all clients. Personnel should be trained to know over half of the names and uses of prescription drugs in their inventory.
Pharmacies focus more on controlling and reporting the amount of drug outputs to help prevent risks as part of their risk management. Controlling and reporting the amount of the prescription drugs that leave that certain pharmacies give a hint to how the drugs may be being used. This is important in risk management programs as the safety of the patient always comes first. If there is even a hint that the patient may be abusing their drugs for any reason then the pharmacist in charge should contact their physician. “Quality management (QM), also called total quality management (TQM), evolved from many different management practices and improvement processes.”Quality management in pharmacies is focused on performance and top quality service. The key concept of quality management is delivering the right prescription to the right patient. This means that if a client comes in asking for their prescription by the name of Advil then a pharmacist would have to know that Advil falls under the Ibuprofen category. However, even though Advil and Ibuprofen are sometimes used interchangeably they have differences from each other which need to be known. Risk management and quality management share almost the same key concepts when it comes to servicing patients in pharmacies.
There are five steps to risk management process that are used to make and expand on a risk management process. The first step of the risk management process is to identify and analyze loss exposures. “Risk identification is the process whereby the risk management professional becomes aware of risks in the health care environment that constitute potential loss exposures for the institution.” This first step is based on observation and...

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