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Risk Prediction Essay

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Risk Prediction 1
The case studies involving Colleen M. and Xander L. are extremely diverse. Colleen M. has experienced extreme dysfunction in her family life since she was an infant. She has also experienced drug abuse at an early age, based on her mother’s drug problem. She has been forced to move in with a family member, who has lost some control of Colleen, based on her conduct, and her association with individuals who pose a negative influence on her. As a result she has been placed in a situation that has caused her to react in such a manner that she has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. While on the other hand, Xander L. has continued to live in somewhat of a stable ...view middle of the document...

However, information related to her parents prior incarceration history, as well as her aunt’s parenting style, and her history of child abuse were not present. Neither was Colleen M.’s school status. This information
Risk Prediction 2
would have a significant impact oh her overall risk score, which would then subsequently have a significant influence on her sentencing following adjudication. While this information is not present, the facts that are present do allow enough information to provide an appropriate sentencing recommendation for Colleen M. Based on these facts, and her prior history, it appears that it would be in the child’s best interest as well as her family, and society for Colleen to be sentenced to two years in the state youth authority, followed up with three two years probation. The fact that Colleen M. took a human life or involved herself in conduct which ultimately took a human life, is not a minor offense that can be overlooked.
However, the case of Xander L. it is much different in the overall broad spectrum of risk assessment. Xander L. is not from an unstable home. While he is from a broken home, his mother has worked hard to provide for herself and her son. She has worked two jobs to survive. Nonetheless, this has caused her to be away from home more than she should have. By not being involved in Xander’s life as much as she should have...

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