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Risk Of Weapons Essay

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Possession of a Weapon

A few facts about deaths caused by guns. “ Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the United States, half of the ones that succeed in taking their life used a gun. “Many youths who kill themselves have no mental health disorder; up to 40 percent of youths who kill themselves have no known mental illness. Is there a risk of having a gun at home? After my research my answer is yes. You can be the victim of a violent crime such as accidental deaths, suicides, or homicides. “Nearly half of today’s American gun owners report that their main reason for having a gun is protection. Fewer than one-third owns a gun for hunting.” (Causey) This paper will ...view middle of the document...

Statistics have stated a family member or an acquaintance commits eighty percent of homicides in the United States. Individuals have a great risk of being killed by someone that is welcome in their house than a unwanted intruder. (Darlng-Brekhus) Research and studies have shown that male victims are more likely to be shot outside the home than female victims. According to studies performed from 2003 to 2007 the average number of homicide victims was 33. “Of those 33, one was a child, five were teenagers, and seven were young adults.
“Any study underscored the importance of parents understanding the risks of having guns in the home,” said Ohio State University professor Jeffrey A. Bridge. Being at risk of suicide and having access to guns is a volatile mix. (Healy) After researching, I have concluded that having possession of a weapon can increase the likelihood to be a victim of a violent crime. A personal recommendation would be to stay away from keeping possession of a weapon at home. Though there are...

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