Risk Management Report

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Risk Management Report

This poster is designed to address the risk of back pain as it is a common problem for nurses to suffer from work related low back pain more than workers in other professions. The aim of the poster is to increase the awareness of back pain as it is the ‘worse enemy’ of the care environment. Very often nurses hurt their backs while turning bed ridden patients or while transferring patients from bed to chairs. Millions of pounds have been paid out in compensations to nurses who have injured their back. According to the Health and Safety at work Act, 1974, employers are legally bound to establish a safe system of work (NICE 2008). Efforts have been established to ...view middle of the document...

An inflammatory response which affects surrounding tissues and nerve endings happens when micro ruptures of muscle tissues occur repeatedly (Scalon 2003). Back pain sufferers need to change their lifestyle, avoid twisting, bending, lifting and reaching; sitting must be limited to a period of time. Specific low stress aerobic exercise, rest and relaxation are recommended in addition with analgesic agents. (Gulanick 2007). There are three general categories of analgesic agents, opiods, NSAID, and local anesthetics. Some antidepressant and anticonvulsant medications may be used to treat back pain (Smeltzer 2008).

This poster was to be placed at the main entrance of the ward, then another copy by the nurses’ station area in an acute medical ward. It would clearly identify the enemy as ‘back pain’ while providing care. It would be a written call to fight for the occupation of nursing by doing justice to the profession. The poster would be the opportunity to all health professional, patients, carers, relatives, visitors, coming to the ward to work with the nurses to communicate freely compared to previously nurses just being given dates to go to mandatory training or asking patient for feedback and suggestion on research that they haven’t been involved in.( Crumbie 2009).


There would be no jargon and technical language, just simple instruction to pass a very important message.
Not quite easy when professional ambitions and dedication must cohere with economic realities (Dingwall 1998). Nurses cannot be compelled to care about their profession but abiding to their responsibilities by engaging themselves fully in the enormous range of activities shows the recognition and attachment to the chosen profession ( Buchama 2000). A very important part of the caring and nursing would be highlighted as the poster combined back pain with communication. Effective communication is essential not only to the ward manager but to other colleagues as well (NMC 2003).The Occupational Health Department is there to assist them to...

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