Risk Assesment Essay

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Risk Assessment Report for LOGISTIX, Inc.

SE578 Project


Ghassan Abukhazneh

Practices for administration of physical & operations security


Dr. Khader Jabra

Keller Graduate School of Management

October 09, 2011

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Safeguards are security features and controls that, when added to or included in the information technology environment, mitigate the risk associated with the operation to manageable levels. A complete discussion of the vulnerabilities and recommended safeguards are found in this report.

If the safeguards recommended in this risk assessment are not implemented, the result could be modification or destruction of data, disclosure of sensitive information, or denial of service to the users who require the information on a frequent basis.

Risk Assessment Purpose

The purpose of this risk assessment is to evaluate the adequacy of the LOGISTIX, INC. security. This risk assessment provides a structured qualitative assessment of the operational environment. It addresses sensitivity, threats, vulnerabilities, risks and safeguards. The assessment recommends cost-effective safeguards to mitigate threats and associated exploitable vulnerabilities.

Risk Assessment Scope

The scope of this risk assessment assessed the system’s use of resources and controls (implemented or planned) to eliminate and/or manage vulnerabilities exploitable by threats internal and external to the LOGISTIX, INC. system.

This Risk Assessment Report evaluates the confidentiality (protection from unauthorized disclosure of system and data information), integrity (protection from improper modification of information), and availability (loss of system access) of the system. Recommended security safeguards will allow management to make decisions about security-related initiatives.


LOGISTIX, INC. is a distribution company that manages thousands of accounts across Canada, USA, and Mexico. A public company traded on the NYSE, LGISTIX specialized in supply chain management and in coordinating the warehousing, staging, distribution, transportation, and wholesaler / VAR relationship for their customers.

LOGISTIX, INC. employees over 3,200 and has been experiencing consistence growth keeping pace with S & P averages (approximately 8%) for nearly six years. A well-honed management strategy built on scaling operational performance through automation and technological innovation has propelled the company into the big leagues.

Threats, vulnerabilities, and risks

For LOGISTIX, INC. to achiever their mission and keep their reputation in the market, three areas must be covered in this report, confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Any vulnerability threat any of these areas must be kept in consideration and create a control or safeguard to protect these areas from these vulnerabilities.

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