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Risk Assement For Applied Science Essay

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Risk Assessment

Rating 1 = Very unlikely
Rating 2 = Unlikely
Rating 3 = Likely
Rating 4 = Very likely
Rating 5 = Almost certain Severity
Rating 1 = No injury/impact
Rating 2 = Minor injury/impact
Rating 3 = “3 day” injury/impact
Rating 4 = Major injury/impact
Rating 5 = Fatality, disabling injury, etc. Risk Severity
Likelihood x 1 2 3 4 5
1 1 2 3 4 5
2 2 4 6 8 10
3 3 6 9 12 15
4 4 8 12 16 20
5 5 10 15 20 25

Manageable risk Requires Review Unacceptable risk

Hazard Likelihood Score Severity Score Overall Risk Score Actions already taken to reduce risk Further actions recommended
Silver nitrates; Little exposure to the chemical will not produce
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Bromine It produces a vapour which is very toxic if breathed in. The liquid causes severe burns to the eyes and skin. 2 2 4 Use the lowest concentration and smallest volume possible.
Wear eye protection and protective nitrile gloves for all but the most-dilute solutions. When bromine liquid is in use, have plenty of sodium thiosulfate solution available to deal with spills In the eye- Flood the eye with gently-running tap water for 10 minutes. See a doctor. Vapour breathed in
-Remove the casualty to fresh air. Call a doctor if breathing is even slightly affected.
Swallowed-Do no more than wash out the mouth with water.
Iodine; It is harmful if breathed in or by contact with the skin. It causes burns to the skin if left for some time. It is easily vaporised if heated
-the violet vapour is dangerous to the eyes. 2 2 4 Use the lowest concentration and smallest amount possible.
Wear eye protection for all but the most-dilute solutions. Handle iodine solid using forceps or, better, wear protective gloves as well. Flood the eye with gently-running tap water for 10 minutes. See a doctor.
Vapour breathed in
Remove the casualty to fresh air. Call a doctor if breathing is even slightly affected.
Do no more than wash out the mouth with water.
Sulfate; Harmful if swallowed, irritating to skin, risk of serious damage to eyes. The solutions are classed as IRRITANT, 2 2 4 Flood the eye with gently-running tap water for at least 10 minutes. See a doctor. If Swallowed do no more than wash out the mouth with water. Remove contaminated clothing and rinse it. Wash off the skin with plenty of water.
Spilt on the floor, bench, etc.
Scoop up solid. Wipe
up small solution spills
or any traces of solid
with cloth; for larger spills use mineral absorbent
Barium chloride; Harmful if swallowed, can become harmful if left on skin or in eyes. 2 1 2 Use the lowest concentration possible. Use the smallest quantity possible. Wear eye protection. Wash hands after handling barium compounds. Flood the eye with gently running tap water for at least 10 minutes.
Swallowed; Do no more than wash out the mouth with water.
Hydrogen chloride; It causes burns. The vapour irritates the lungs. 1 1 2 Use the lowest concentration possible. Use the smallest volume possible. Wear eye protection for all but the most-dilute solutions. Wear protective gloves if anything more than tiny amounts of concentrated acid are handled. Flood the eye with gently-running tap water for 10 minutes.
Remove contaminated clothing. Then drench the skin with plenty of water. If a large area is affected or blistering occurs, see immediate help.
Sodium Hydroxide; It causes severe burns; it is particularly dangerous to the eyes. It is irritating to the eyes and skin. It may still cause harm in the eyes or in a cut. 1 1 2 Wear eye protection, including when making or disposing of solutions. Goggles rather than safety spectacles will be necessary if the chemical is classed as CORROSIVE...

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