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Rising Tuition Cost Essay

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John Laureano
EH 102
7, December 2013

Rising Tuition Cost Solutions

Rising tuition cost has been an issue that Americans have been dealing with for several years. Each year the cost of attending universities increases while the tax payer support decreases (Fethke 2012). The government has attempted to solve the problem by increasing federal spending on Pell grant programs and other educational loans with low interest rates (William 2013). But such programs have instead driven the cost of tuition upward since universities have to spend a great amount of money on student programs, operational expenses, and facilities upgrades to stay competitive with other universities (Clark 2011). ...view middle of the document...

The unnecessary expenses could include for example upgrades to sports fields, such upgrades should be inspected carefully and should only be done if its absolutely necessary meaning if the sports field is unsafe or in conditions that is not presentable for the students. Unnecessary expenses could include advertising campaigns, basically the law would award benefits for universities that have a good performance while keeping the cost affordable and it would penalize those with poor performance with unreasonable expenses. The law should also include a measure that would also discourage students from attending for profit universities because the cost for such school is much higher than a state university. The government should instead provide less aid for students who attend private universities and provide more for those that attend public universities. It will help to reduce the cost of tuition for public universities since they do not have to make expenses to try to stay competitive. We have more for profit schools than we do public, so public universities have many competitors. It is reasonable solution with consequences such as for profit universities filing law suit for reduced aid for their students, or universities ignoring the law altogether and simply run business as normal while increasing tuition cost mainly because most students view college as an investment instead of a debt.
The other solution for reducing tuition cost would be for states to provide more funding for public universities, one of the reasons state universities have to increase their tuition cost is due to lack of state funding because of poor tax payer support (Fethke 2012). If the tax payer supports education the state can provide more funding for public universities, but the money has to come from somewhere and there needs to be rules in place that will encourage universities to control their expenses. The money can be obtained by increasing taxes in certain areas such as tobacco, alcohol, and property taxes but the tax payer needs to be educated by the state. The states needs to make the tax payer aware why the tax increase is needed. But such tax increase carries a risk of upsetting the tax payer. The tax payer could simply quit using those taxable products and completely switch to something else which would impact the state funding for universities. But the chances of that happening is unlikely because those who consumes those products is because they like it, but the consumer would more likely decrease the product consumption. Which would lead to a profit reduction for companies that produce those products. The tax measure needs to also include a requirement that will force the universities to control their expenses. If the school tuition cost keeps increasing without a valid reason the state should have the ability to...

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