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Rising Gas Prices: A Better And Cleaner Earth

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Rising Gas Prices:
A Better and Cleaner Earth

Essay 2
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Professor Christine Hansen
English 123
May 22, 2007

The cost of gas has rapidly increased in the recent years. But what most people do not realize is that rising gas prices is a good thing. Most people see gas prices as a thing to hate but in reality it leads to major innovations. Not just better cars but a better environment. The future automotive industry is fueled by the cost of gas. If gas prices stayed low no one would do anything to change and make the future better.

Rising Gas Prices:

A Better and Cleaner Earth

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More and more people are buying hybrid vehicles that run on both gas and electric. Hybrid vehicles save the consumer money due to using less gas and save the environment by reducing vehicle emissions by up to half. Many car companies are now producing hybrid vehicles in every make and model. Even sports cars are getting hybrid engines; in 2007 the Dodge Durango will have a hybrid version available to consumers (, 2006). Most hybrids have the same capabilities including horse power and payloads, and come with the same options. Not counting the decal, most hybrids don’t look any different than there regular counterpart. According to J J.D. Power and Associates (2005), over 200,000 hybrids were sold in 2005 and by 2012 that number will increase with an expected 44 different models in 2012.
Hybrids aren’t the only way to get around the rising gas price. Car manufactures have spent millions in research on ways of improving fuel economy. Today’s vehicles are much more efficient than older models. When Henry Ford produced his cars fuel efficiency wasn’t even a known concept. Since then fuel economy has not improved as much as you would think. The Ford Model T from 1908 had an estimated fuel economy of 25 to 30 miles per gallon, which is good even for today’s standards (, 2007). Consumers want better fuel efficient cars, the more efficient the car the less they have to spend on gas. The higher the gas price rises the more people will force the car companies to produce more fuel efficient cars. The companies will be forced to produce cars that will get 30 or 40 miles a gallon instead of the current average of 20 miles a gallon (Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], 2007). With gas mileage at 40 miles a gallon the consumer would save a lot of money and at the same time preserve the planet for future generations.
The government is also helping to preserve the planet and raise the gas prices by making laws. Some laws may be good for the environment but not for the economy. One of the big causes of rising gas price is the supply of gas coming out of the refineries. In order for an oil refinery to be built it must meet many government standards. The EPA has clean fuel requirements that require the use of blended fuels that burn cleaner than regular gas. They also require the fuel to be oxygenated to decrease CO2 emissions. But with the added benefit to the environment, this cleaner fuel is more costly to produce and takes longer to produce. Regulations have made it more difficult to run refineries in the U.S. These regulations have prevented any oil and gas company form building a new refinery since 1976 (Hargreaves, 2007). American’s used up 17 million more gallons in 1995 than what was produced. And in 2005 that number reached 36 million gallons coming from outside the United States (Hargreaves, 2007). Even with this huge increase in consumption no new refineries have been opened in the U.S. because regulations in other countries...

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