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Rise Of Crime In Canada Essay

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In the opening paragraph, it was asserted that it was on the shoulders of society for the responsibility of these increases in violent crime. The following paragraphs are the reasons that will prove my arguments. The forces of social control affect every aspect of an individual in a society such as Canadian Society. That is, it is the attempt that society makes to regulate behavior of its citizens within that society. Some examples of these society enforced roles are our status roles, which place us into a hierarchy that is given to us by society. Their are both positive and negative structures and factors to enforce these laws rules created by the society. Positive being praise, ...view middle of the document...

He stated that violent criminals have low foreheads, hairiness and long arms. He stated that criminals were not as advanced in evolution as the rest of society. Later on in his career he discarded his previous ideas of criminals having distinct physical features. He accepted and put forth the idea that social factors hold great importance in the formation of criminality. Even though he did this, for many years after his death sociologists tried to prove his theories of biological factors being a great factor in the development of criminal behavior. Recently genetics have re-invoked these biological causes of criminality with the idea that men with the extra Y chromosome are more likely to be violent offenders than men without the extra chromosome. As of now, no evidence has been produced to support this extra chromosome corresponding with the increased likelihood of violent crime. Currently researchers have focused their attention on the influences of social conditions and customs.
We have recently gone through a recession which has resulted in the government having to cut their over expenditures resulting in a poor economic situation. There have been major cuts on an already overwhelmed social safety system. This has caused greater levels of unemployment, homelessness, anger and disparity. This may be the cause for the rise in armed/robbery rates around Canada. It has been shown that in the past when there have great economic hardships, the rate of violent crime has increased as is with the present day.
Many of the reasons for the increase in social protection and laws has been that it has been instituted to a higher degree in the Criminal Justice System.  Tougher sentences are being given out as the state fails in controlling the populace. This has resulted in the system being overburdened resulting inadequate treatment of the alleged offenders. With services such as legal aid being inadequate and available to only the most dire cases. With these tougher sentences, people are in jail longer, which has resulted in an overcrowded prison system. The treatment of the prisoners cannot be considered anything else but inhumane or putting rats into a confined cage. While these people are in prison, there is nothing special for them to do. There is no rehabilitation programs or set regiment for the prisoners to follow. Basically the prisoners just sit around and do nothing except eat, sleep and get angry at the fact that they have been imprisoned. They just put you into a confined space with a lot of other individuals who are full of anger. Socially, these people are made to feel alienated with all their personal rights being taken away from them. Including the right to go where you please, any basic freedom is taken. This causes them to feel like outcasts in their own societies who consider them to be failures.  The state and atmosphere they are kept in is one filled with violence and mistrust, and all that comes from violence...

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