Rise And Fall Of The Ottoman Empire

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The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire

The rise of the Ottoman Empire started in Turkey and spread through most of the Middle East. Their military practice and successful transition to the use of gun powder made them one of the most successful ruling bodies in the Middle East. The Ottoman Empire which ruled until modern times had great influence on the Middle Eastern world. Their political and economic abilities astonished the western world. Their religious views and fears were instilled into any non-Muslim and helped the western world to find new trade. The rise of Christianity in the western world provided new ways to preserve the dead and ended the need for ...view middle of the document...

, and Davidson 121, 122). Suleyman who was a Sultan in the sixteenth century was a fierce leader and conqueror (Hooker). Suleyman struck fear in the hearts of the Europeans and other nations as he was a powerful leader of the Ottomans who conquered many states(Hooker). Suleyman loved the arts and made Istanbul the center of arts (Hooker). Suleyman would be known as Kanuni or lawgiver to the people he served (Hooker).
In the sixteenth century, the Ottoman Empire began to decline. The major cause of the decline was the Selim II who knew very little about politics ("Hyper History"). Many other things led to the decline of the Ottoman Empire as well. North African provinces were seeking independence ("Hyper History"). The Empire no longer had a strong hold on the provinces it controlled because the members of the main governing branch were struggling with each other for control ("Hyper History"). As the eighteenth century approached, Europe became industrialized and the Ottomans did not take part in the industrialization ("Hyper History"). This caused the Ottoman Empire to fall short in competing with other nations ("Hyper History").
The Ottoman Empire had one army led by the sultan or a grand deputy called a vizier which enabled them to one battle at a time (Goldschmidt Jr., and Davidson 141). They refused to divide the army out of fear of breaking up their kingdom (Goldschmidt Jr., and Davidson 141). Their cavalry also known as Sipahis could only crusade from April to October because they had to go home in the autumn to oversee their timars or land that was given to cavalry members for their military service (Goldschmidt Jr., and Davidson 141). The elite standing army called janissaries spent the winter win Istanbul (Goldschmidt Jr., and Davidson 141). The Janissaries were becoming corrupt and using their authority to gain personal exclusive rights from the sultans instead of keeping to the training that made them an elite force and staying on top of new weaponry (Goldschmidt Jr., and Davidson 141). The janissaries used the Ottoman Empire to further their wealth while taking up more remunerative careers (Goldschmidt Jr., and Davidson 141). The military was lagging behind on the times. While other nations became more modern with their industries, the Ottoman Empire remained in the past (Hooker). By 1699 the military had become so unwound that they were forced to sign the Treaty of Karlowitz signing over Hungry to the Habsburg Empire despite the fact that the Ottomans outnumbered the Habsburg military (Goldschmidt Jr., and Davidson 141).
The economic conditions of the Ottoman Empire began to decline as well. New trade routes meant new trading (Goldschmidt Jr., and Davidson 141). The New World later to be called the Americas was victimized for their assets and new routes around Africa and Asia weakened the Muslim countries by limiting their mediation of controlling the trade routes (Goldschmidt Jr., and Davidson...

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