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Riordan Service Request Essay

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Riordan Service Request Section One
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Riordan Service Request Section One
Riordan manufacturing has requested help integrating the company’s existing HR tools into an application for each of their locations to use. This section will cover several topics. The topics include key stakeholders and their requirements for the new system, information gathering techniques, systems analysis tools, and an explanation of the project scope.
Key Stakeholders
Information about the system requirements should be gathered from Hugh McCauley the COO of Riordan manufacturing because he is the individual who placed a service request. The Director of Human ...view middle of the document...

The information gained from users must be carefully planned from a developer’s viewpoint. From the developer’s viewpoint the information given may be used to understand the functional requirements of the system, giving the developer more information about what the system should do to complete the tasks it is given.
Data flow diagrams (DFD) can be made to help give a general illustration of the functions performed by individuals and the systems they use. The DFD should be tiered into several levels, beginning as a general view of the systems and the processes they perform; with each tier of DFD should decrease in scope but increase in detail.
Ensuring the information required for the project is gathered successfully is a major part of information gathering. Detail-oriented questioning of those that use the current system will help ensure the successful creation of all the required use cases.
Project Scope and Feasibility
Projects scope is the defining of the functions and needs to be fulfilled by the system being developed. Defining the project scope is important because the scope will help determine initial costs projections and development time. According to Woolridge, Hale, Hale, and Sharpe (2009) “effective scope definition will reduce the impact of scope changes and increase the resource estimate accuracy, thus reducing the likelihood of scoping-caused project failure.” 
Without a clearly defined project scope...

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