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Riordan Security Plan Essay

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Riordan Security Plan
October 14, 2013
University of Phoenix

Executive Summary:
Riordan Manufacturing is a global corporation and has been performing both research and development activities and manufacturing plastics products for a number of uses since 1992. Riordan’s R&D efforts supply the company with new products to break into new markets, most recently the health care market. Riordan has grown and now has three United States locations and one location in China. Each location has a recently upgraded its information technology infrastructure including their network hardware and software. Riordan has also kept up with quality standards for its management and ...view middle of the document...

Securing information has been crucial in present date because hackers are developing more sophisticated means to break into government and organization networks. Governments and organizations should be conducting an information system security analysis of their networks to identify software and hardware weakness would allow for the networks to be exploited. Riordan Manufacturing is an organization, which is concerned with the security of the organization information. Riordan Manufacturing sent out service request SR-rm-013. According to University of Phoenix Service Request Riordan Manufacturing (2013), the service request is requesting a security team conduct a review of Riordan Manufacturing networks at the organization’s locations, and identify security weakness and recommend fixes to correct the security issues. This paper will discuss the security at each site, and provide resolutions to resolve the issues.
Physical and Security Issues
Computer data, no matter the industry, holds a significant importance to not only the individuals that create it but most importantly to the company that it keeps in operation. From interoffice memos to confidential merger information, data must be safeguarded from unauthorized external entities at high priority. From the physical security of networking and end user equipment to the software configuration of the routers and switches and group policies of the Active Directory environment, the enterprise environment must have proper security policies in place to ensure that compliancy is met and data is always accounted for and safe.
1.0 San Jose, California
Riordan Manufacturing location in San Jose data center as has several physical security and network security issues. This data center uses a single 100 Base T bus topology for network connectivity which allows for a single-point of failure and this is a major concern for management because if the line goes down, network connectivity will be lost. In addition, the data center utilizes one uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to power the entire server room. If main power is lost, the UPS will not be able to sustain the entire server until main power is restored.
With no current hardware or software firewall configurations, unauthorized system access could easily take place both internally and externally. The Corp and Marketing departments share one switch, and the Finance and HR departments share one switch. No redundancy exists if the switches were to go down. The data center only has one R&D Network backbone, and if the backbone goes down, network connectivity is lost. In addition, many other primary switches for primary devices have many single-points of failure, such as the Gateway/Switch.

2.0 Albany, Georgia
This location has only one WAN connection to the corporate office and this is made possible via T1. The current WAN is not protected by any type of network security devices, in return putting the company at risk. Along with the...

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