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Riordan Manufacturing is a company focused on producing a strong product in plastic goods and having a good relationship with the consumer. Riordan Manufacturing has had a tremendous amount of growth and is now in four locations spanning the globe; San Jose, CA, Albany, CA, Pontiac, MI, and Hangzhou, China. Such is the case with most companies hitting growth periods, at Riordan Manufacturing, the company is in need of continuing to build upon and improve in all areas of quality production. Team A will single out the need for improvement at Riordan Manufacturing in areas of inventory and manufacturing, identify systems designed to improve the processes, and produce a flow chart in order to ...view middle of the document...

Riordan’s current practice requires an inventory clerk to manually enter the information. Due to possible human error, manually inputting information can cause a negative inventory which means the financial records are not accurate.
Maintaining a proactive inventory management system will make a measurable difference in operating the company. One way to implement such a proactive approach would be to adopt a software system able to electronically track and maintain inventory records. Using a Barcode Inventory Scanner would help in improving and managing inventory control. The system uses a laser scan to record stock numbers, pricing information, and quantity. The system also allows the option of downloading information into a database spreadsheet. A Barcode Inventory Scanner is a low cost system, but effective and reliable. Riordan would be able to reduce costs in paper, printing, and storage required in maintaining the current inventory system. Additional benefits of using the scanner include reducing the number of man hours required to conduct inventory along with reducing the steps to complete the company's inventory.
Team A has determined that Riordan uses an antiquated system to receive and inventory raw materials along with how the company tracks production on a daily basis. The current system could lead to costly mistakes that are not immediately recognizable. Any delay in detection could lead to expensive back charges or loss of customer orders due to lack of material. One way to prevent a potential problem is to implement a type of Enterprise Application Software into the system able to connect all of the different...

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