Riordan Manufacturing: Descriptive Framework Paper

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Riordan Manufacturing: Descriptive Framework Paper

Riordan Manufacturing: Descriptive Framework Paper
Since its inception 1991, Riordan Manufacturing has been a leading global plastics manufacturing agent. Cornering the markets of plastic production in the medical, aircraft, beverage and appliance markets, the organization is always seeking innovative ways to improve and expand its operation. It leadership team understands the importance of focusing such energies on both internal and external excellence. In this descriptive framework, I will outline the internal and external mechanisms including marketing and communication ...view middle of the document...

Riordan also ensures that is immediately responsive to any potentials threats to the environment or the health of the general public.
Products or services. Riordan is currently a major manufacturer of plastic materials across several markets. The company currently has four major locations where the production and development are handled. The San Jose, California facility houses Riordan’s Research and Development department. This is where the design and testing of new products as well as chemical safety evaluations take place. The Albany, Georgia facility produces plastic bottles and caps, which serve many major distributors of bottled carbonated and juice beverages. The Pontiac, Michigan facility constructs the custom plastic pieces and plastic medical products supplied primarily to aircraft manufacturers, government agencies, and medical supply companies. The Hangzhou, China plant manufactures the housing and plastic blades for motor fans. At this location, a finished fan product is assembled for distribution through the acquisition of electric fan motors from third party vendors.
Marketing. Riordan employs public relations, trade shows, brand development, and sales force promotion as strategies for introducing the company’s product line to the public. Particularly in the sales department, strong emphasis is placed on developing customized products and services that meet a customer’s specific needs. Sales management is also given “more leverage when working with customers and can assign discounts to customers without approval of headquarters provided the sale still meets minimum profit margins” (University of Phoenix, 2013). Sales executives are also encouraged to attend trade shows in varying markets to acquire contacts and sight potential expansion options.
Communication Variables
Communication Settings. Riordan’s leadership team is based across its facilities throughout the United States and China. In the past, training and conference travel including hotel, car, material, and meal expenses have been covered by the company. Budgetary restrictions have since been placed on traveling in response to a deluge of training travel costs. As a result, the company has begun to rely heavily on web-based training and telecommunication methods. Most meetings and training are done now through a third party web-training site and until Riordan can complete development of its own.
Communication Systems. Riordan understands the importance of maintaining clear and effectual communication with individual within and outside of the organization. “The way that organizations communicate with their internal and external constituencies can define the difference between success and failure” (Gayeski, 2005). The organization has implemented internal and external communication systems which help to facilitate the successful relation of pertinent material and information.
Internally, Riordan uses the...

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