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Riordan Manufacturing Essay

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Riordan Manufacturing
Riordan is one of the manufacturing companies that produce plastics that has been used in sports and medical industries. Sales and marketing systems of Riordan depends on today’s standards of integrated information management. Riordan is computerizing its sales and marketing systems to handle their customers efficiently. It is also working on attempting to consolidate customer information to provide good value to the customers. They use microfiche and paper files to keep their database and records.
Sales and Marketing reviews
“Riordan focus is to consolidate their customer information therefore sales department has started to transfer their old data to CRM system. Its historical data can be tracked electronically, which includes dates including order, delivery, and payment dates by order” (Riordan, 2006). ...view middle of the document...

They need to keep track of the production information as well as profit and loss statements. They use file cabinet to keep their past records of marketing research. Riordan manufacturing has disparate systems of sales and marketing for instance multiple databases, paper documents, and microfiche. Riordan implementing integrated customer management system to handle the customers and provide perfect value to the customers.

It is vital that Riordan realizes the potential they currently have in order to leverage their expertise for manufacturing by bringing their sales tools up-to-date. A competitive advantage maybe gained by Riordan by establishing a system that enjoys integrating hardware and software with their existing systems. CRM are designed to manage business functions and strengthen the ties between business owners and their customers in a more convenient and practical way. CRM is very attractive alternative and is less expensive compared to on premises CRM. CRM can help the Riordan to reduce administrative overhead and can provide accurate customer bids, track customer discounts and expand value added services to customers. Riordan will be able to increase and forecast revenues due to these advantages; an efficient set of standards for the marketing and sales group will be provided and sales force productivity will be increased.
Riordan can achieve their goals by increasing their sales to their existing customers by providing sales force promotions, price discounts, and customer user group services. They should extend their sale to new customers by expanding public relations activities, trade shows, brand development and sales force promotions.
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