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Riordan Information Systems Proposal Essay

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Riordan Manufacturing is a plastics manufacturer with four locations, worldwide. Their corporate headquarters is in San Jose, California. They have three manufacturing plants in Pontiac, Michigan, Albany, Georgia and Hangzhou, China. They are a vibrant company with a long history of problem solving. One of their corporate challenges is training expenses, either for new employees or for new systems and new products. Riordan Manufacturing is looking to upgrade their IT infrastructure and implement a distance learning solution that will cut down or eliminate the need for trainers to travel around the United States and to China.

Riordan Manufacturing needs to upgrade their computer ...view middle of the document...

Also with the upgrades system Riordan will need to beef up the security to keep important and personal information safe. The server would use a True Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) and secure boot, BitLocker drive encryption, and an early launch anti-malware program.

The Corporate and China servers may need to be upgraded. We should get rid of the UNIX software and go with another Windows version. Windows 2012 R2 may be a good fit since it offers global-scale cloud services that will benefit the three satellite locations. All three locations (Albany, Pontiac, China) should have dedicated lines back to corporate. Albany and Pontiac can have T3 leased lines. China can have one also if that's possible from overseas. If not, a satellite connection will do. This dedicated corporate connection can also be used for remote training purposes. This will help cut down on the unplanned travel expenses.
The corporate offices should also have a dedicated Network Attached Storage (NAS) system and dedicated server for data mining and analysis. The NAS is fed data from corporate and the three satellite locations.

Both the Albany and Pontiac locations should have a T3 connection to the outside network (internet). Albany needs another server to provide web access to the 20 office computers. Pontiac needs an additional two servers since there are over 4 times as many computers to service, with there being 45 client and 45 office computers in the location.

Accounting and Finance needs all the systems to be integrated so collecting the data from each branch will be easier and more uniform. So the information from each branch will include the expenses of running the day-to-day operations at each plant. This information will include inventories, orders for clients, payroll expenses, utility bills, billing and accounts payable.
The Distance Learning Project information will mainly be multi-media transfer. It will also help collect the certifications and classes that each employee has completed already.

All the information that each branch needs to report to HQ will be transferred in this system as well. That includes HR responsibilities like employee files, benefits and pay. Operations information will include client lists and supply chain client information. Sales and Marketing will be able to report all of their client lists and marketing forecasts.

Designing an IT system for a major company like Riordan Manufacturing Inc. can be a daunting task. After putting together all of the pieces, the IT system will need to be protected from internal and external threats. The Research and development department will have the most sensitive information and be the most vital area of the company. Security in their department especially, as well as the rest of the company will make sure critical data is not leaked to the public or exposed by hackers. Once the security systems are in place, one good way to keep each employee’s information safe is to...

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