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Rights And Responsibilities Of Educators Essay

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Rights and Responsibilities of Educators and Students
Fairleana Taylor
August 14, 2011
Breeanna Becker

Rights and Responsibilities of Educators and Students
Axia College Material
Appendix C

Rights and Responsibilities of Educators and Students

Perform a search in the University Library databases and locate four school-related court cases (with outcomes decided), two which involve educators as defendants and two which involve students as defendants. Fill in the table below. When you give your informed opinion, state and discuss whether you agree or disagree with the outcome. Base your opinion on legal and ethical standards as discussed in Ch. 9 of the text. If you do ...view middle of the document...

The Supreme Court ruled they were protected by the first amendment. | I agree with the court's ruling on this matter.These students were not hurting anybody, while wearing the black bands. This is their right to wear the bands as long as it is not causing problems. |
Case 3: Student as DefendantName of Case: Santa Fe IndependentSchool District V. DoeApproximate Date(s):2000 | The school system did not want the students using the loud speakers at games to conduct a prayer. Other Students sued the school because it violated the first amendment. The supreme court ruled that it was a school sponsored prayer because the loud speakers belong to the school. | I do not agree with this decision, it was a Game and not at school. The games arenot just school related. Many people fromthe community come to these games. The students just wanted to ask for God's blessings on the game. A teacher did not instruct students to do this, so there shouldhave not been a problem. |
Case 4: Student as DefendantName of Case: Grutter V. BollingerApproximate Date(s): 2003 | Grutter felt like her Equal protection rights were violated because Michigan Law school denied her application to gain diversity. The supreme court disagreed with her saying that institutions of higher education have a legitimate interest in promoting diversity. | I agree with the supreme...

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