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Rhonda Hotel Diversity Film Essay

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The film Hotel Rwanda focuses no the story of Paul, a hotel manager in Rwanda, who is a

Hutu. His wife and family are Tutsis. On April 6,1994 the Rwandan president "also a

Hutu" was killed when his plane was shot down over Kigali airport. Political Hutus blamed

the Tutsis for his death. Within hours the Hutus gang start going around killing the Tutsis

and some Hutus. Over 1 million people were killed in three months. The cruel massacre left

dead bodies on the floor with no remorse. There was a a conversation between Paul and

another hutu " you really think you can kill all the tutsis?" response " were half way there".

Paul was out to kill the Tutsis since his family were tutsis. He was out to save his family,

but ended up saving over 1,000 people by bribing the Hutu army to let ...view middle of the document...

Paul then black mails the

General with threats of not speaking up when they say that the General has done malicious

acts. The General then agree and help them cross over the Tutsi rebel line in to safety.

Once they arrived they found two girls that were family members.

Hotel Rwanda describes the rivalry between the Hutus and the Tutsis in Kigali, Rwanda.

Back when Belgian ruled they left the tutsis and charge and when they left the hutus took

over and for revenge they wanted to kill off the tutsis. The Tutsi and the Hutus share the

same language, culture, territory, customs and beliefs, but the only difference was their

physical features and their from different groups of class. They called them cockroaches

to disgrace them and set the below their standard. Also the UN peace keepers were there

to protect but were only able to use there weapons for physical defense. The brutal war

last until July 1994.

The diversity issue that were going on in the film is the way Belgium separated the

Rwandan in to two different groups. Just from the height to the facial features. The issue

was not resolved since some Hutus wanted to take revenge which I have discussed.

Another is how the UN and the US did not want to help because of the color of there skin.

There was no great effort made to help. They seen all the bodies on the floor but did not

step in to help.

From watching the movie Hotel Rwanda I can say that this movie touch my heart. I would

recommend this movie to anyone. It shows a part of history and how cruel people can be.

What happened in Rwanda is like the massacre of the Jews. There is a great amount of

learning from this film. My daughter who is 4 felt the pain and suffering they had to dwell

on and to think the majority of the Hutus had no heart at all. This movie is one of the best.

movies I have seen. I do recommend this movie.

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