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Rhetorical Image Analysis Essay

966 words - 4 pages

Brianna Henderson
Professor Katherine Kincer
ENGL 1101
21 October 2014
She Couldn’t Say No
Entering college comes with a new sense of freedom to do whatever a person wants. Partying and drinking, be it legal or illegal, is one of these freedoms. Its common, even encouraged and pressured that while out we partake in drinking and getting “wasted”. This has become a common stigma about college, and binge drinking has become a serious problem on all U.S. college campus. In an attempt to bring awareness of consequences of binge drinking Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board released a series of Public Service Announcements and launched a website to educate its target young audience to be careful ...view middle of the document...

This was effective in keeping the PSA’s flow natural.
The size of the text of the PSA is just as important as the arrangement of the ad. The website’s font is smaller than the text about the girl’s situation; this brings attention to emotional part of the ad first instead of the organization. It was an effective way to demonstrate the importance of the ad. However the explanation for the poster, the block of text below the larger, is smaller than the website. The designer seems to be planting the website into the reader before reading this section in case the reader gets distracted or bored, while this is an understandable attempt to get the audience to explore more on the website I believe it to be weakening to the Ad. The prevention and explanation of this PSA should be printed slightly larger to draw more attention to how the reader can stop something like this from happening. Font is the second factor in typography analysis. The designer used strong, bold font for the ad use expressing the seriousness of the PSA. It’s much more effective than more plain or whimsical text, however, the text is all the same. The words seem to be almost running together. While overall the typography of the PSA is strongly effective, a bit more verity in the ad could draw more attention to it.
Color is perhaps one of the biggest strategies the designer uses to convey the message of the PSA. The color turquoise is used as the leading color in the ad. The woman’s underwear, the tile on the bathroom floor, even the color behind the website is all shades of turquoise. The color turquoise is a form of communication between words and the heart. Turquoise is believed to help with clear thinking and decision-making, seeing as the PSA is...

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