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Rhetorical Argumentative Essay: Charge Master

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Rhetorical Argumentative Essay: Charge Master
The author has written the text with an aim of showing how the high cost of health care services is destroying the health care in the United States of America. The text is intended to show the long term impact of overpricing health services on the American economy. For instance, the author argues that a lot of money from the government is being spent on the provision of health care wrongly bypaying for services that are overpriced through its insurance programs. The author argues that the government and other stakeholders are contributing to the high cost of health care due to them failing take initiatives ...view middle of the document...

For example, text tells the story of the charge master in order to get the readers to read the text.
Organization of Ideas On "Bitter Pill", Choices Made, Effectand Voice/Tone used
The author in his ‘Bitter Pill’ uses the cause-effect strategy to organize his work in a more effective way. The cause-effect strategy is where the author organizes his ideas in such a way he make a choice of the main factors that causing the current state of affair as per his subject. In this case the author organizes ideas by outlining various reasons why the health cost in America still remains high despite the other parts of the world being low. For example, the uses the case where a cancer treatment hospital overcharges its prices and end up making huge revenues, while in reality the services offered in the hospital are not of high quality to justify the cost.
The author chooses the ideas that are going to convince the reader about the real state of affairs in the U.S health system. For example, the author chooses two bills that are overcharged, that of heartburn, which Janice S paid and cancer chemotherapy that Stephanie paid (Brill, 14). The two ideas are meant to show the reader that for sure the cost of health services is not justified as hospital are making more expenses at he expense of the American people. Through his choice of idea the author is able to make the reader reason critically and take action in fighting for change in the health system.
The author uses a persuasive tone to convince the readers about his ideas. He uses real life examples of patients and services which have been overcharged to argue his case(Booth & Kelly 23). He goes further to show how hospitals tend to defend their charge masters who are used as tools for making hospital generate more revenues by over changing their services. The author tries to persuade the general American public to see the need of making changes in the pricing of health services so that they can be affordable to all.
Organization of Ideas On "Bitter Pill", Genre used
In addressing the intended audience, the author uses the explanation genre. He explains the facts relating to the high costs of health care in the U.S arising from overcharging of healthcare services. This genre used by the author limits the author from using fictitious issues to address his main point in her argument. The author cannot use facts that are untrue to convince the audience about the issue,...

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