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Rhetorical Analysis: Strategies Used In A Scientific Proposal

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Using Rhetoric to get What You Want
Rhetoric is everywhere in daily life. Whether it is just a conversation, paper or a advertisement, every form of communication involves rhetoric. Rhetoric has many aspects that all interconnect and build off of each other to create a strong argument. In order to understand what a paper or conversation is really trying to say it is essential to consider the audience, subject and persona. Along with those three elements a reader must also think about the organization and visuals of a paper in order to develop their opinion of the paper. All elements in a paper are considered rhetoric and are used as a way to strengthen the writer's claim. In the article A ...view middle of the document...

It is important to notice the gender of the authors because that ould play a role in to what was actually written. Being able to discover parts of their personality and personal information remains unknown due to the lack of evidence in the paper. Upon reading the paper, it is discovered that the authors have a great distaste for the use on non renewable energy. With them already having a negative view of non-renewable energy their argument to utilize renewable energy will be more passionate.
The audience includes the general public and their professor. It seems as though the paper was written for the government representatives in the New England area because they talked about how certain laws and regulations need to be changed in order for residents to have small-scale wind turbines. The direct audience was the author's mechanical engineering professor. The other audience is the general public. This can be concluded because the proposal utilizes photos, diagrams and common knowledge vocabulary. The authors' objective was to inform the general public of the benefits of a small-scale wind turbine. The document was not created for use in scientific discovery and research due to the lack of proper scientific protocol. If I were to live in New England I would be a member of this group, but say they were writing this proposal for the Boulder area and this paper most certainly would be directed towards me.
The writers were diligent when it came to the organization of their paper. Every section is titled and all the figures are accurately labeled and utilized in the paper. If the reader were not interested in wind turbines the paper would not grab attention, but if the reader were to make it into the third and fifth page they would come across photos and diagrams that would capture their attention. The authors utilize color in their figures in order to make them more pleasing and interesting the eye.
The authors have key evidence and...

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