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Rhetorical Analysis Of A Website

807 words - 4 pages

DeAngela Taylor
Ms. Warner
English 112-104
9 February 2014

A Place to Call Home

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit Christian organization. The main goal for Habitat for Humanity is to build houses for people who have low income, or for people who do not have a place to live. Also they want would-be homeowners to help them in the building their house and to get others to decrease the cost of owning a house. The website for Habitat for Humanity gives a good example of how they can help people who want to help others in being able to own a home of their own; through its links, slideshow of pictures, and how they can be contacted with ease without having them to have a hard time ...view middle of the document...

The slideshow was exciting to look at because it showed people of different ages and nationalities working together. That was good to have in the slideshow of pictures because it showed that people can work together no matter their age or skin color to help somebody for a good cause. The only problem that was in the slideshow was they did not show a family getting their keys or anything to their new home. When people look at a website, they want to see more than just words, so pictures are a good thing to have on a website.
Lastly how to contact Habitat for Humanity is on the bottom of the page. It is real easy to find because the words are in bold print. The website also has the address to all of the locations that they have within Wake County, the hours that they are open, and the phone number; just in case people want to stop by to talk to somebody or make a donation. At the top of their page they have a way for them to be contacted through Facebook and Twitter; which is good because a lot of people are using social media. The only problem with the contact information that should be on the...

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