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Rfp Response To Network Characterization Essay

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Project Scope

The Client, Fiction Company, is anticipating a merger with another company and the two networks will be merged together. The Client is in need of a Vendor to analyze, prepare, guide and assess the merger of the two networks. NotReal, Ltd. will provide these services to Fiction Company by examining the health of the existing network, preparing the network for the merger, and overseeing the actual merger. (Oppenheimer, 2011)
NotReal, Ltd. will gather specific information in order to characterize the existing network and determine the health of the network. This will be a step by step process. The analysis will include the network of the company that the Client is anticipating to merge with. The first step will be to determine the business and technical goals. While it is assumed that the network be prepared for the merger, there may be other specific goals that ...view middle of the document...

(DiNicolo D. , 2007)
The second step in the process will be analyzing the existing network. There are three methods that can be used for this: using the existing documentation and interviewing the Client, auditing the network and performing a network traffic analysis. These methods will help gather the following information (DiNicolo D. , 2007):
* Network topologies used at different OSI layers
* Network configuration that includes addressing, routing and equipment configuration
* Network services currently deployed
* Network applications that are in use
* Performance and functionality of the existing infrastructure
By using the existing equipment and analyzing the configuration of the network devices, the audit of the network will be able to be performed without the need to purchase any expensive auditing applications. In addition, the traffic flow will be characterized. (DiNicolo D. , 2007)
NotReal, Ltd. will be able to provide the Client with a complete, accurate and up-to-date analysis of the current network. Once this has been completed, a decision matrix will be presented to the Client, which will determine the priority of each application. At this time, a report will be presented to the Client, which will provide a summary of the health of the network. This report will provide documentation on the physical and logical topologies of the network as well as providing regarding the status of the current equipment and applications. This will allow the Client to have all information necessary when taking the next step of preparing the network for the anticipated merger. (DiNicolo D. , 2007)

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