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Rfid Tags Essay

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Automatic identification and data capture known as AIDC is the process of identifying and collecting data, while processing information automatically without the need for manual input. This automated process reduces labor cost, increases efficiency, insures accuracy and proficiency (if done properly), and leads to greater innovation. There are three types of AIDC technologies are barcodes, cards, and radio frequency identification known as RFID. Barcode technologies are the oldest and most successful AIDC technologies. There are two main sub categories of barcodes. The first category is linear barcodes which are made up of lines and spaces of multiple widths that create specific patterns ...view middle of the document...

These technologies are very inexpensive and readily adaptable to many functions. They are commonly found on credit cards, debit cards, key cards and swipe cards. Figure 3 to the left shows a magnetic strip card and the corresponding reader. The second subgroup of card technologies is smart cards which consist of a card with a microprocessor and memory that can be used for many applications such as memory storage with processing capabilities or financial transactions. This method is very secure and can be programmed to self-destruct if incorrect passwords are entered. If used as a financial transaction card a digital balance is loaded then used until emptied such as a gift card. An advantage of the smart cards is that it stores much more data than the magnetic strip card. Figure 4 to the right is an illustration of the smart with the microprocessor. The last sub group of AIDC card technologies is optical cards which consist of a panel of "gold colored" laser sensitive material that is laminated in the card and is used to store information. The material is comprised of several layers that react when a laser light is directed at it. The laser burns a tiny hole in the material which can then be sensed by a low power laser...

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