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Reyes Fitness Centers, Inc.: The Strategic Hr Opportunity

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Organizations strive to achieve a competitive advantage in their field. To do, so they align their processes with the organizational goals. HR works as a guiding force to help organizations achieve these goals. Strategic HR as stated by Mello (2014), “involves the development of a constant, aligned collection of practices, programs, and policies to facilitate the achievement of the organizations strategic objectives” (p. 150). Strategic HR has an administrative focus which involves being a strategic partner, change agent, administrative expert, and employee champion. This gives the individuals involved with HR the advantage to partner with top manage to decide on what is needed ...view middle of the document...

She enlisted her staff to see what they felt was needed or missing from the department to increase their value and efforts. As stated by Sherlock (2008), RFC strategy is focused on keeping members and controlling cost. Their plan included focusing on results the contributed to goals, incorporating retention into employees’ annual performance plans, and incentive programs. Working with the score card to put HR strategies in place helped the department and managers see how they went along with the organizations performance.
RFC needs to be able to work with the Director of HR to match strategies so that the organization can continue to grow and achieve a competitive advantage. The HR strategies should work alongside the organizations to help accomplish goals. The HR department needs to figure out what is need to put the right people in to increase customer satisfaction, retain customers and attract new customers. They must also come up with clear plan accomplish these goals. Employees respond differently to changes and the HR director needs to make sure everyone is on board with the strategic change. The seven step score card should be used a guide to the improvement of the department and used to link HR processes to organizational goals. HR deliverables should be understood by all employees and should be supported by the organizations. The evaluation process needs to be improve employee performance and to ensure goals are being meet. The team should make sure that the score card developed meets their needs, and allows for them to creative and motivated. They must find a way to continue to use the framework they put together to continue to show deliverables in their department. A well framed HR strategy is needed to improve the value of the department and the organization.
Strategic management is important for all organization because it helps to establish and implement goals made by top managers. When considering these goals everyone involved must consider the internal and external environment, and how they affect different processes. The organization should know where they want to go and plan how they will get there. Strategic human resource is needed to improve performance and assist in achieving a competitive advantage. As state by Mitchell et al., (2013) HR management as a strategic partner that influences organizational and HR strategic decision making. Organizations who invest in their HR departments are able to achieve a greater financial stances. Strategic HR process work to improve performance, and set needed standards.
RFC must come up with a strategic plan to show their stance, and show how they support the growth of the organization. A review of the department and current processes will help to determine the strengths and weaknesses. A decision should be made on how to strengthen weaknesses and improve on current strengths. Each job description should be reviewed to ensure they match the duties needed and attract...

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