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Companies that have systems that reward employees for their hard work and dedication are far more likely to keep those employees performing at levels that are greater than employers who use a punitive system approach Kettner (2002). Lawler (2000) argues “strategic success is heavily dependent on the ability of an organization’s reward system to support the strategic goals."
As the director of an established not-for-profit, community based organizational provider that offers high quality educational, vocational, and training services to various segments of the local population, one would design a reward system that would work to keep employees motivated and eager to function at high levels, ...view middle of the document...

” Instead, the company will use a bonus pay system which can provide “powerful incentive for individuals to perform well and to change their behavior when a new strategic intent calls for it” Lawler (2006).
Number three is the chance to turn out quality work. It will be the intent of the company to always inspire the employee to do their best to put out work for which they will feel good about. It is the belief of this executive director that putting out work that one is proud of will also produce feelings of proudness in oneself. It is true concerning poor work, as well, one is not going to feel the pride and accomplishment for producing shoddy work.
A chance for promotion is number four. When a company cares about the employees enough to want to make them a bigger, more important part of the family, it shows the employee that they are valued and that the work that they are doing is getting noticed. The word family is used here because, as the executive director of a human services company, this is part of the goal. It brings with it values and a level of caring that goes beyond just workers. This company will care about its employees and want and work to get the very best for them.
Number five is the opportunity to do interesting work. One of the best things about offering educational, vocational, and training is that there is a wide variety of possibilities. The student can choose a field that interests them instead of just being stuck in a position that they are not interested in. Whether it is welding, beauty school, IT, or mechanics, they are able to follow a path that works for them.
The sixth factor goes hand-in-hand with doing something that interests them, and that is feeling that their job is important. Just as in number five, the students are able to choose from a plethora of opportunities that they feel are important. Nursing, one of the vocational training services offered in the company, is one where the student is bound to feel like they are doing an important job. Doing something that makes a difference causes one to take pride in themselves and the job they are doing.
Being told that one is doing a good job by management is the seventh most important factor. Everyone likes to be congratulated on a job well done,...

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