Reward And Recognition Essay

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Why is it important to reward your employees?
The deepest principle of human nature is the craving of being appreciated, which is when rewards come into place. Rewards are an impressive technique for motivating good work performance. Mainly, rewards are given when any organization wants to motivate their employees or want to reduce the employee turnover rate so that the goals and objectives of the organization can be met. Rewards also come up with idea of recognizing. Varying in definition, rewards and recognition still give the same thought of motivating the employees to work for the organization. The strategic and operational goals can be met ...view middle of the document...

A reward is a consequence that occurs after an employee’s job performance and makes that performance happen more often. Whether a consequence functions as a reward depends on its effect. If an employee’s job performance is followed by a consequence and the job performance occurs more often, then that consequence was a reward. On the other hand, if the job performance doesn’t happen more often, then the consequence was not a reward. Rewarding employees for their job performance that meets or exceeds customer expectations is important because:
• It tells employees what standards their job performance must meet.
• When employees know that customers expect a particular level of performance, they’ll be more cooperative about performing at that level than if a performance standard seems to be based on a manager’s whim.
• Rewards improve employee job performance.
• The need to discipline employees is reduced because employee job performance meets customer expectations more often. This creates a more pleasant work environment for managers and their employees.
• Customers’ expectations are more likely to be met by employee job performance even when a manager isn’t present.
Reward program are of great importance to an organization and also an important part of any manager’s tool box. Rewards and recognition makes the organization a better place to work. If one works hard with full dignity any enthusiasm then he/she is recognized and hence rewarded.

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