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Revolutionizing The Rtail Sector Essay

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Revolutionizing the retail sector :


Digipos is one of the top rank leading technology companies specialized in advanced systems. As DigiPos has already its weight in the market through its own range of systems that proved its quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness, it was a must to continue the innovation strategy to keep its rank in the fast growing market. So DigiPos decided to launch the first Electronic Point of Sale system which called the DigiPos Retail Blade System in 2004. Followed by the traditional Blade system, DigiPos launched the Quantum Blade Systems in 2009, adding more features and benefits to prove its lead in the market and to maintain customer ...view middle of the document...

That was a revolutionary Solution which lead to maximizing the investments for retailers. Using the Intel embedded architecture processors, the unique technology were devised. Retailers using the DigiPos Retail Blade system, was able to save time, effort and maintain reliability and customer satisfaction. Never have to replace the hardware system any more, was a peace of mind and cost-effective and reliable solution.

Using the Latest Blade Technology, was really a step forward in the development of DigipoS Systems , however since technology never ends , also the customer needs will never end. So as long as there is a market, vendors, and customers there is always a circle of race. It’s a technology innovation race among all competitors, so I believe solution should be virtual rather than physical. It’s always about setting customer expectations. Spending money and effort on research is a must for continuous improvement. Spending on a hardware flexibility solutions, is a good foot towards success in the market, but embedding the solution as a software is smarter and more cost effective. I believe that spending on research and development based on software control system would be alternative solution rather than designing and embedding advanced hardware that can simplify the upgrade process to specific parts and not the whole hardware. so in simple words , concentrating in a virtual control system that connect to the all range to systems belong to digipos would help monitoring and maintain those systems periodically , to extend system life time and to track whatever problems that arising , and help upgrading software more likely would prevent the physical replacement process . Along with best customer communication techniques and quality assurance procedures will help best tracking the effectiveness of the systems, and anticipating the best back up plans, to avoid down time and maximize investment of retailers.
DIGIpOS Continuing to lead the innovation strategy, launched the quantum Blade system, which was a great development. Here under is some of the advantages of the quantum blade compared to the traditional retail blade. Quantum Blade improve business in three main aspects, cost of energy, quality of process and environment friendly hardware.
1-Quantum Blade offer all the current benefits of the retail blade but with a great energy efficiency using the Intel embedded reference designs. It is 60 percent more energy efficient rather than the normal blade.
2-better performance, as the quantum blade gives 20 percent more performance increase.
3-Quantum Blade runs on intel Solid –State –Drive (SSD )rather than HDD which means better quality with no moving parts. No physical fans, etc…
4-Quantum Blade is carbon...

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