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Revolution Essay

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Rizal and the Revolution :
* In June 1896 Andres Bonifacio commanded Dr. Pio Valenzuela to go to Dapitan to comfer with Rizal
* June 21 , the ship cast anchor at the part of Dapitan in the afternoon.
* He then related the founding of the katipunan and its aims , among which was to overthrow Spanish Authority.
Preparations for the Struggle :
* Andres Bonifacio ordered the manufacture of Bolos to be distributed to the member of the society.
* Interview with Admiral Kanimura
* Andres Bonifacio ordered Tito Miguel and Roman who are working in the Maestranza Ramos to steal rifles and pistols.
Spanish Suspicion Aroused :
* Rumors ...view middle of the document...

Wealthy Filipinos Implicated :
* Andres Bonifacio suggested that it should has a trick to be played in order to deeply convince the wealthy Filipinos to be involved in katipunan.
* This is done by fake letters with the forged signatures of a wealthy victims were made.
* The alleged documents contained the information that such wealthy men as Luis R. Yangco , Francisco L. Roxas and others were heavy contributors to the katipunan fund and that they were in sympathy with the principles and plans for the society.

The Cry of Pugadlawin :
* Andres Bonifacio was informed of the discovery of the katipunan , secretly instructed his runners to summon all the leaders of the society to a general assembly to be held on August 24, 1896. That the same night of August 19, Andres Bonifacio accompanied by his brother Procopio , Emilio Jacinto , Teodoro Plata and Aguedo del Rosario slipped to the cordon of Spanish sentries.
* In the afternoon of August 23 they proceed to Pugadlawin.
* Andres Bonifacio asked his men whether they were prepared to fight to the bitter end. That being case “Bonifacio said ,” bring out your cedulas and torn them to pieces to symbolize our determination to take up arms. The men obediently tore up their cedulas , shouting “ Long live the Philippines. “ This event marked the so-called “Cry of Balintawak” which actually happened in Pugadlawin.

First Skirmishes :
* August 24 , Andres Bonifacio and his men arrived at the yard of Melchora Aquino.
* It was decided that all the rebels in the surrounding towns be notified of the general attack on Manila on the night of August 29, 1896.
* Preapration for the Battle
* On August 26 , Spanish Reinforcements were dispatched to Pasong Tamo to drive away the rebels.
* The origin of the so-called “Cry of Balintawak” which neither happened on August 26 nor in Balintawak.
* August 28 , Andres Bonifacio issued a manifesto inciting the people to take up the Filipino cause and to get set for a concerted attack on the Spaniards on August 29.
* On August 30 , Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Jacinto led their men In an attack on the powder magazine at San Juan Del Monte.

The Revolution Spreads :
* 400 rebels attacked the church of Pandakan and captured it with any resistance.
* Pateros , Taguig , Kalookan , Kawit , San Francisco de Malabon (General Trias) , Noveleta , San Pedro Makati and other towns rose as one man and pursued the spanish enemy.
* Andres Bonifacio and his men shifted the rebel attack to San Mateo , Marikina and Montalban which they captured but which were later recaptured by the Spaniards.
* In the North , the rebels of San Isidro armed with bolos and pointed sticks , attacked the Spanish garrison on September 2,3,4 led by Mariano Llanera and accompanied Bumbong.

The Reign of Terror :
* The Spanish volunteers and Corps of Vigilantes promptly invaded the houses of Filipinos In order to secure evidence...

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