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Revitalizing A Brand Essay

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John Foretnberry (2010) says “Brands are names, logos, slogans and other references that identify goods and services—allowing customers to distinguish products from competitive offerings.” (p.62) Marketing communication strategy defines the business’s plan for product information dissemination and brand awareness development. Plaza Home Health Services does not have a successful marketing communication strategy. Their current strategy is using word of mouth, customer loyalty and counting on their past success to continue to stand out amongst the competitors. They have set themselves apart from the competition by employing top employees, offering a top rated benefits package to attract the ...view middle of the document...

Plaza Home Health Services contains a lot of strengths within it’s such as employing employees that are professional and offering the best benefit and salary packages. By offering a tier one benefit package PHHS, has the advantage of attracting top new talent, which in turn could also yield better products and services. PHHS greatest strength is having founders/owners that have had hands on experience within the healthcare field due to their nursing experience and skills. The nursing skills and experience will guide their ethics and help them to make decisions on how to carry out administering services within healthcare field, because they know first-hand what the company needs, and are required to remain up-to-date on healthcare policy and standards. Another positive strength for Plaza Home Health Services is that the company has grown quickly within the local community by word of mouth so people have a level of trust with the organization based on the opinion of those they value. Weaknesses are the lack of a proper marketing mix and relying mainly only on word of mouth marketing, not having a diverse consumer base beyond the local community, amount of time and the lack of financial resources in order to provide a better business plan.
There is a lot of opportunities for growth for Plaza Home Health Services. They are currently one of three companies in a city that has the population of 45,857. They have potential to grow beyond the current location and spread out to other areas in the region, and could eventually take off to the national level with time and good strategy. There is also the opportunity to expand the services they offer once they employee and hire a diversified staff.
Plaza Home Health Services possess local threats with the competition. Once their competitors become privy to how PHHS is training their employees there is nothing that will stop them from adopting the same method. Also competitors can strike back by offering more competitive wages and benefit packages. While there are only two other organizations in the area that still leaves room for the creation of new agencies to come in in compete with PHHS, since the market is not saturated with this type of business. Another threat could happen due to the lack of proper marketing tools. Because of the unnoticeable logo consumers could mistake their company for another company and they could lose a lot of potential customers.

Benchmarking is important in order to compare business to business processes in order to improve and to learn whether, and how, things may be done better. Benchmarking is a systematic method by which organization can measure them- selves against the best industry practices, benchmarking promotes superior performance by providing an organized framework through which organizations learn how the "best in class" do things, understand how these best practices differ from their own, and implement change to close the gap,...

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