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Revised Scholarship, Practice, And Leadership Essay

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Revised Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Essay
Information literacy is essential for leaders, scholars and researchers to help them lead and build the needed skills academically and within their workplace environment. Resources for information literacy are constantly growing to meet today's society needs. To some leaders and scholars, this type of convenience is more of a blessing while other who cannot understand the process see it as a hindrance. The discussions of this paper is focused on leaders without a scholarly background, the effects of leadership skills on a practitioner, the role that information literacy material is on scholars, and the relationship that I have with ...view middle of the document...

6, 2009).
This world is changing vastly, and scholars have mounds of information presented to them. Information competence is designed to help students to recognize, acquire, evaluate, organize, and interpret the information effectively. Leadership is considered a characteristic of art and science; shipyard leaders must utilize these tools to develop their leadership tactic on observation, studying, researching, and developing wisdom. If these characteristics are not implemented then arrogance is produced along with blaming others for their outcomes. Shipyard leaders can learn, develop and increase their intelligence with the help of higher education.
The Effects Of Leadership Skills On A Practitioner
Effective leadership produces changes and movement within the shipyard industry; if managers and supervisors are not equipped with leadership skills then, their organization will crumple. A large volume of failure is placed in the organization visions, their strategies, goals, and their subordinates will become empowered. Strategic leadership is the best leadership style to use within the shipyard industries to help maintain and better the organization. If no one is equipped with this knowledge then, the workers will not take the initiative to improve their assigned work. Leaders will not look ahead and analyze the completed tasks set within a specific period, and leaders will have no sense of adaptability and growth-orientation. Shipyard leaders with no leadership skill will lack in experience on training their employees to think and act more effectively. Increases of informing other of orders filters throughout the organization, and their employees will not know their full potential.
The Role Of Information Literacy Materials On Scholars
Information literacy consists of a combination of analytical and critical thinking in information retrieval from the library, computer, media, technology, and communication skills. If scholars have minimal access to information literacy material then, they will lack the knowledge of good quality scholarly information and have difficulty processing their current information. According to Pia Russell, reading and writing are fundamental academic practices that are deeply connected to the information behavior of university students (Russell, p. 93, para. 3, 2009). Computer literacy consists of knowledge on a tool to help access, communicate information, process, and refine. Media literacy consists of knowledge on various media work, what constitutes media, and how media produce meaning. Library literacy consists of knowledge on recognizing information need, understanding the availability and location of different resources, and understanding the organization of the resources. Badke states understanding the need to capture and preserve the stories before they disappear similar to the need of educating future users of information how to go beyond Google (Badke, 48, para. 4, 2009). Librarians can help scholars...

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