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Reviewing Strategies For Preparation Of 4th Year Nursing Students For Upcoming

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This chapter presents the results of the survey on different reviewing strategies that are beneficial for the preparation in taking Nursing Licensure Examination of the 4th year nursing students batch 2010-2011, analysis and interpretation of data.

Sample characteristics

One hundred three Fourth Year Nursing Students of Laguna College Batch 2010-2011, sixty July 2010 Nursing Licensure Examination passers and twenty Clinical Instructors and Administrators completed the questionnaires. Participant characteristics are shown in Figures 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and ...view middle of the document...

4. Gender Distribution of the July 2010 Nursing Licensure
Examination passers

Figure 4.4 shows that out of the 60 July 2010 NLE passers taken as the sample population, 34 respondents or 57% of the sample population are female and 26 respondents or 43% of the sample population are male.

Beneficial Factors in Preparation for Nursing Licensure Examination

The first question in Part I read: ‘What are the factors that are beneficial for preparation in taking the Nursing Licensure examination?’ The participant could select all that is applicable from the 9 options available.

[pic]Figure 4.5. Beneficial Factors in Preparation for Nursing Licensure Examination as
Perceived by the Fourth Year Nursing Students

Figure 4.5 shows that 93 students considered time management as a beneficial factor in preparing for the Nursing Licensure Examination; 90 students considered reviewing style, 86 students considered study environment, 82 considered physical, emotional, and mental preparation; 76 considered effective clinical instructors; 63 students considered preparation courses and study guide; 55 students considered social support; 55 students considered enrolling in review classes; and 38 students considered technological information gathering as a beneficial factor in preparing for the Nursing Licensure Examination

Reviewing Strategies

This section discusses the reviewing strategies known and being done by the fourth year students and the reviewing strategies done by July 2010 Nursing Licensure Exam board passers during their preparation for the July 2010 NLE.

Figure 4.6. Different Reviewing Strategies Known by Fourth Year Nursing

Figure 4.6 shows that 77 out of 103 respondents are familiar with the silent type of reviewing. This is the most frequently occuring response. Seventy-four respondents are familiar with forming key-words, mnemonics, acronyms, and meaning from suffixes; 65 respondents are familiar with collaborative learning; 59 respondents are familiar with relying on recall and recognition; 55 respondents are familiar with memorization; 53 respondents are familiar with rewriting notes after learning; 49 respondents are familiar with vocalization reviewing; 48 respondents are familiar with elaboration strategies such as summarizing, questioning, and using visual organizers; 46 respondents are familiar with test planning strategies; and 37 respondents are familiar with offered online test, via books, software or workbook reviewer.

[pic]Figure 4.7. Different Reviewing Strategies Being Done by Fourth Year Nursing

Students in Preparation for the NLE

Figure 4.7 shows that 61 out of 103 respondents use the forming keywords/mnemonics/acronyms/meaning from suffixes type of reviewing strategy. This is the most frequently occuring response. Fifty-eight respondents use collaborative learning...

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