Review The Range Of Groups And Individuals Whos Communication Needs Must Be Addressed In Own Job Role

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1.1.5 Use different means of communication to meet different needs

Makaton Signs and Symbols Body language Facial Expressions


Lip reading Written word Texts E mails Sign Language
Above are just some of the means of communication, i will in the following case study, show different means of communication to meet different needs. By using different means of communication to meet different needs we are providing the individual with a person centred approach.
Case Study
Miss A is a 32 year old individual who has a variety of disabilities, including downs syndrome, epilepsy and has impaired vision. She is an individual who uses a wheelchair when outside her home enviroment due to her instability caused by her eye sight. Miss A also has very minimal speach, she is able to use key words, when comfortable with others and the ...view middle of the document...

When Miss A lived at home with her mother, she used Makaton to communicate with her.
Miss A uses a variety of communication systems to communicate with those involved in her life. The staff within her residential home are able to read Miss A's facial expressions when she is trying to communicates her likes or dislikes, they are also able to understand some of the emotions expressed by Miss A by her body language. The staff have also been given some basic training in how to use Makaton but there are a few new members of staff who are learning from Miss A and the existing staff.
Within the home Miss A and the other clients within the home use a set of picture cards to choose their meals for the day. These cards show a variety of meals, including sandwiches, soups, cottage pie, sausage and mash potato etc. a member of staff will take note of which cards Miss A points to and relays her wishes to the kitchen staff. The same system is used for the domestic staff who provide drinks to the clients throughout the day.
Miss A and the staff from her various clubs have worked together to produce a picture passport, which Miss A keeps with her whenever she is outside the home, within this passport there are such pictures such as toilet, drink, food, i feel ill and various 'i would like to do' pictures. Miss A is then able to use this passport, when she is in a situation when she is unable to use her key words or her makaton.
At the day centre she visits on a Wednesday, Miss A mainly communicates with her friends with makaton, most of her friends are as good as she is, to use the signs (pictures) and hand signals to have a good level of social interaction.
Due to the fact that Miss A's mother is visiting less frequently, the staff at the residential home, support Miss A to maintain regular contact with her mother. This is via e mail where a member of staff helps Miss A to type out a letter to tell her mum what she has been up to and to also send pictures of some of the work which she does at art club.

As you can see from the case study above there are different ways to combat barriers to communication, by using a variety of different means, keyed to the individual, then effective communication can happen.

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